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6:52 pm May 18, 2005

Has anyone here done one of these larger projects in 1) silk, and 2) over-one, say on 28 ct?

I am considering that for my Lady w/Unicorn, but at 130K+ stitches, I'm not sure the one-over would give me the desired result. I might try a small section in DMC, to get the effect, one of the busier areas, and see how it looks.

Also, in regards to using silk, I understand Eterna Silk is the easiest to come by and has a large selection of colors, necessary when the design uses 119. I have been told the standard conversion from DMC to Eterna is not entirely accurate, and you should look at each side-by-side to make sure you get the right color. My quandry is, I have at least an hour and a half drive to get to somewhere that sells anything other than DMC. I have requested a catalog from Eterna, but still, that's only as accurate as the ink the printers used. Anyone have any suggestions? I will use the standard conversion as a guideline, a place to start.

Thanks all, and happy stitching!!! Laughing Very Happy
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