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another update, no pic this time

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another update, no pic this time     Reply with quote  
8:13 am May 26, 2005

What with working now and gardening season, I probably won't finish Sense of Light for some time yet (about 2/3 finished).

I'm about halfway through my "take-with" project (Tempest in a Teacup by TW) but the other day I spilled some tea on it!! I blotted it immediately and ran it under cold water, but there's still a light stain visible on the unstitched part outside the border. Murphy's Law again... when you WANT to tea-stain something, it takes a really dark infusion, and more than a few minutes... accidentally spill a drop of dilute tea and clean it up immediately, voila! stain.

But I put some peroxide on the stain last night, and it seems to be a bit lighter, so maybe I'll try some more tonight. (Gotta get going to work now.)
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