Cross Stitch Patterns from Fine Art by Scarlet Quince
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Adjusting for fewer colors?

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Adjusting for fewer colors?     Reply with quote  
9:55 am Mar 27, 2005

Hello, you have such wonderful patterns from some of my favorite art, BUT is it possible with the software you use to create the patterns to reduce the number of colors?

I want to do some of these SO badly, but I know my eyes won't be able to handle so many different symbols and putting one little square of one color in the midst of an area is just too much for me.

Is it possible to offer some of these beauties with some tweaks to make them a little easier to do. I am a migraineur and just looking at the bewildering array of symbols hurts!

Thank you Smile
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1:03 pm Mar 28, 2005

Well, that would make them too ordinary, wouldn't it? Laughing
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Fewer colors ...     Reply with quote  
9:27 am Jun 08, 2005

Sorry, we were snoozing! We do try to minimize the number of colors used in each pattern (believe it or not) and actually do a lot of tweaking to remove colors that are close or that are little-used and don't matter. But if we were to produce a pattern that seems to need 120 colors with only 50, say, the result would not be at all the same. Considering that photographs often require millions of colors to reproduce accurately, getting it down to the neighborhood of 100 seems pretty good! Smile For me it isn't so much the total number of colors as how often it's necessary to change colors, and some patterns are much simpler than others. It just depends on the picture.
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