Cross Stitch Patterns from Fine Art by Scarlet Quince
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Scarlet Quince

There are unicorns in the Gallery

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Julie T
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12:59 am Oct 29, 2009

I love the check mark idea, but I never want to suggest more work for our devoted Meredith. I know what you mean about figuring out how long this will take to finish, my son did some quick figures, and yes, it just made me sad and depressed. I told him to never "help" me like that again. No, I don't have any place to put up photos except here. Sometimes I post them on my blog, but not very often. (
When I send in the next picture for the gallery though, and since I will be taking a break, I will do just that, and try to make a link work from here. (I am very techno-challenged.)
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