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Hope this helps . ..

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Joined: 23 Jul 2004
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Hope this helps . ..     Reply with quote  
12:51 pm Dec 29, 2005

I am working on Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose. It is taking a lot of time, but I am finding it worthwhile. Hoping to give it to Mother 2006 Christmas.

ANYWAY . . .
I have found that taking a fabric marker (rinses away with cold water) and marking every ten spaces helps TREMENDOUSLY when it comes to counting and stitching. This way, I can go each 10 x 10 block and stitch each color(s) without having to change every stitch.

It has given me my sanity back as I had put this down for about 6 months - my eyes going buggy.

Re: Hope this helps . ..     Reply with quote  
9:01 pm Dec 29, 2005

Originally posted by abbnzoe
... a fabric marker (rinses away with cold water)...

I bet that really does help... what brand?

Re: Hope this helps . ..     Reply with quote  
8:59 am Dec 30, 2005

Actually, I am not sure what brand. It is blue and I got it at Joanne's. It was with the scissors, etc. But, it is a fabric marker - they all work pretty well. It's nice because when I am done with a project and wash it in cold water, the marker goes away, too.
I also use the marker to mark the center of a piece if that is where I am starting. . .
That tool and my stitch count ruler have been life savers!
Joined: 14 Mar 2005
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Re: Hope this helps . ..     Reply with quote  
6:56 am Jan 12, 2006

I have a couple of Fine Point Disappearing Ink Pens that I use for quilting. But, I can't remember how long they last before disappearing.

I use a different color thread, like bright red or something to mark every 10 rows/ columns. But, then you have to be careful not to sew through it. Clip one end and pull back out on the other side.
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