Cross Stitch Patterns from Fine Art by Scarlet Quince
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Joined: 04 Mar 2006
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Location: Ohio
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1:01 am Mar 04, 2006

Every time I try to click on the 'contact us' link my computer wants to bring up AOL and I'm not sure why. Could someone give me the email address for Scarlet Quince? Thanx.
Joined: 09 Nov 2005
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Location: Atlanta, GA
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10:19 pm Mar 04, 2006

Thats because when you installed AOL, it asked you at some point if you wanted it to be your default mail service, (or maybe it didnt ask, and just set itself up).

Soooo... here's the address:
Joined: 16 Apr 2004
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Location: Hamilton, Ontario
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2:30 pm Mar 05, 2006

Originally posted by Fabala
AOL ... (or maybe it didnt ask, and just set itself up).

AOL is verrrrrrry sneaky that way, and a real pain to remove, too, because it installs so many miscellaneous bits and pieces of itself here and there.
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