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Fabric Advice Needed

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10:22 am Jul 18, 2011

Originally posted by laraine

On your aida, do you use the pinhead of have a mess in the confetti stitches. I just got some Fiddler's lite aida. It has very little cotton in it, so I am hoping it does not go crazy when I wash it. laraine

I don't use the pinhead stitch very often - the back of my work looks like a complete mess, especially since I "parked" for a couple of years on my SQ before I gave up and went back to my usual method of stitching, "follow-the-symbol".

I have never had an issue with any of my large pieces, regardless of what I have stitched them on; stretching it for framing, if done correctly, would negate any effects from washing or other handling, in my experience. And since all of the big pieces I have done are nothing but confetti, that is a goodly bit of experience.

So I don't see a pinhead start being any different than any other starting method. No reason why it would affect washing the finished piece any more than any other kind of start... But then, I am not a perfectionist when it comes to the backs of any of my works - I only care about the front...
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