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English XXXXXX Danish ///////

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English XXXXXX Danish ///////     Reply with quote  
11:32 pm Mar 23, 2012

Have you used the English method completing each stitch XXXX before going to another? I have heard from a professional that if you do you can complete each 10 stitch square before going to another or one page before going to another with out it showing.

I am getting tired of changing my pages to finish each row concurrently. If I skip around on the //// danish stitch my stitches are not even and some look crowed. Before my next big project let me know if you use the English method and just do one square or page at a time and it still looks like you have done it concurrently. Laraine
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9:01 am Mar 24, 2012

Hi Laraine

I have found that if I do Danish vertically, my tension is better than if I do it horizontally. Therefore, if I have a run of horizontals, I use the English method and try to go left to right as again my tension is much better that way round (BTW I am right handed).

After finishing Ehret and holding it up to the light, I can see a run of holes where I finished one page before I started another. Just looking at the piece normally (without the light to the back), I find this join is more apparent on lighter areas than dark. Given this ALL my future pieces will be worked with some kind of overlap on to the next page.

I now work two colums at a time working all the symbols in the first column and all of those from the first that also appear in the second. After the first column is complete I work on columns two and three so the tension is even throughout.

I hope this helps but, with everything in life, try everything and then stick to what works best for you.

Best wishes and Stitching

Christine x
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