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22 count fabric

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22 count fabric     Reply with quote  
3:38 pm Apr 02, 2012

I need some advise on 22 count fabric. Where can I buy it in large enough pieces for Scarlet Quince pieces. I want to do English counted cross stitch not Hardranger.

My pieces are so large on 18, I thought I might like to try 22. Have you ever used 22? I have 2 magnifying lamps so my eyes will work fine. Are there any drawbacks from 22?
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12:50 pm Apr 03, 2012

I am using 22ct for my SQ Lady & Unicorn, and also have used it for several smaller things. You should be able to get the bigger pieces (30x36? I think that's what they are) in the tubes from Michaels, JoAnns, or Hobby Lobby. HL is the only place I can find it online:

The only thing with 22ct is that, if your piece has a LOT of confetti (like mine does), it does get TIGHT in those confetti-filled areas. IF 20ct was as readily available, I would recommend using it for highly complex designs, but I don't have a handy source even online for 20ct (I think it's not as popular as it used to be). But for areas that aren't that busy, or simpler designs, I like working on 22ct, when I work on a non-evenweave. I will likely use it for the other SQ I have in the stash,Monet's Water Lilies - it's not as complex as the L&U.

I suggest trying a small piece on it first, just to see how it works for you (in case seeing it is an issue?). I don't think you'll have any trouble at all Smile
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Re: 22 count fabric     Reply with quote  
9:21 pm Apr 17, 2012

You can buy 20 count aida here:

They also have 22 count. Select Hardanger in the drop down box.

Another alternative is to stitch over 1 on 20 count jobelan or lugana.
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