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Arrrgh! Urgent Help Needed

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Joined: 03 Apr 2008
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Arrrgh! Urgent Help Needed     Reply with quote  
12:00 pm Oct 06, 2012

Hi Ladies

I have a problem and I just know you'll be able to provide some advice.

I am prepping Flora and have spent about 4 hours so far putting the blends on to bobbins. I started on the material today (32 count Belfast linen) and, although the width is good, the length is a little too short for my liking (I must have had a brain fizz when I ordered it). I have an adequate free border for the framer - 10cm/4"; however, this is not enough to get it onto the frame and still be able to stitch.

I have thought of three options but feel free to mention more:

1. Buy a bigger piece of material (44 instead of 22 Shocked ) - this is probably why I bought the smaller piece originally Confused

2. See if the store will cut a custom piece (so probably something like 33).

3. Attach some more linen top and bottom to give me more room.

I am veering towards (3) but don't have a sewing machine. If I cross stitch it on, I have the following questions:

4. Do you think it would hold the very tight tension I like without splitting?

5. Is a double row of cross stitch sufficient to prevent (4) or do I need more?

6. How much of an overlap should I use?

Has anyone does this before? How did it turn out? Or should I just get the proper size of material in the first place and re-use this piece in another project.

Looking forward to your responses.

Love - Christine x
Joined: 28 May 2011
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Re: Arrrgh! Urgent Help Needed     Reply with quote  
4:21 pm Oct 06, 2012

Originally posted by Divecat

I am veering towards (3) but don't have a sewing machine.

Hi Christine - any chance of a tailor/seamstress in your area you could pay to machine stitch it on for you? If not, I would think two rows of handstitched crosses should do it. Maybe offset them by one thread for extra strength.

I have never had to do this when stitching, but years ago when I was less experienced I did a Christmas sampler for my mom as a gift and did not leave enough margin at the top and bottom, never knowing it would be a problem until I brought it to the framer's (at the time I was still using a hoop). The framer told me he needed me to sew on at least 4 inches of unbleached muslin (no acid or reactivity with the linen) so he would be able to get it stretched for framing, and it turned out great. Still looks good 20 years later!

However, if you definitely think you can use this piece of fabric for another project, and you have the lolly to buy another bigger piece Smile it may be worth your peace of mind to just go that route. Good luck!
Joined: 16 Apr 2004
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10:11 am Oct 07, 2012

I concur with Tanya.
Joined: 03 Apr 2008
Posts: 172
Location: England
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7:00 am Oct 08, 2012

Dear Tanya and Barbara

Thank you so much for your responses. I have decided after much umming and ahhing to go for a new piece of material as I know I'll be happy with the tension.

This means I just need to find a nice piece which will fit a beautifully prepared bit of 26 x 39" linen. Ooooo, I feel a rummage round the SQ site coming on. There's always a silver lining to the cloud!

Thanks again for your help!

Christine x
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