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Is anyone there??? HELP I am overwhelmed!!!

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9:38 am Feb 07, 2013

Originally posted by CathyG

I was an avid reader for years, staying up all night to read a book that had captured my attention. Then one day I realized between reading and work I never got anything done. Now I have the time since I can't work but then I couldn't do my other projects so I am trying to train my brain to listen to a book on tape. I thought it would be the same as listening to music but I have a hard time following the story. Just another thing to train my brain! Laughing

I HAVE to read before I sleep, or I won't sleep. So the stitching gets put up every night by 10, and then I read in bed from then until I fall asleep or 11:00, during the week. On the weekends, I do stay up later with my books, if I can Smile I also read while I eat my lunch in the office every day, and on the rare doctor visit and that kind of thing, I always take my book with me.

I tried listening to audio books, but I have to say, I do tune a lot of it out, so would suddenly catch something and realize I had no idea what was going on in the story because I'd not heard XXX pages of it. I found it to be especially bad when women read - I also tune out most female DJs for whatever reason. Now, if I could get Alan Rickman to read everything, I could listen to him read the phone book Smile
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