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Stitching methods with variegated floss

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9:19 pm Feb 03, 2013

Originally posted by Divecat
Excellent news Christina! Be kind to yourself and take it easy.

Best wishes - Christine x Stitching

Starting to stir crazy at home. Sent my parents home earlier in the week, so I'm on my own now. Need to get out of the house tomorrow, just for my sanity.

The bad news is that while this episode is deemed cured by all, it could come back. I got the results of my genetic screening, and I carry the genetic condition hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer. It only accounts for 3% of total colon cancer diagnoses, but because it is a dominant genetic condition (multiple genes involved), 80% of the people who carry this genetic condition get colon cancer in their lifetimes, and average age of diagnosis is only 44. This same condition is also responsible for several other types of cancer, so now I, and everyone in my grandfather's bloodline, have a Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads.
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8:38 am Feb 08, 2013

Hi there

Going stir crazy is a good sign that you have the energy to get out and about.

Having the gene is not always a death sentence, there is a lot you can do to prevent another attack. Have a look at this website regarding bicarb of soda and also have a look at the ebook on hydrogen peroxide. It's all about getting more oxygen molecules into your body so the body can heal itself. Also look at alkaline diets, which end purpose is also to get oxygen into your body.

I got into this as we recently found out (after 15 years of living here) that the flat is full of mould spores because the walls condensate like mad and these mould spores are constantly attacking the body, making you feel like you are going down with something that never develops - eventually you are exhausted and, if not, caught, it will leave you wide open to other nasties. It wasn't until we started taking the hydrogen peroxide and changed out diet that we could actually smell this stuff in the air.

I hope this helps reassure you that there is plenty you can do to take your health into your own hands and that you don't have to rely on Doctors all the time. The choice is entirely yours.

With my very best wishes for the future - Christine x
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