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The Look of the Stitching

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The Look of the Stitching     Reply with quote  
1:43 pm Mar 08, 2006

I have yet to begin one of the wonderful designs though I have collected several to date. My question to those of you have stitched one or are in the process of stitching one is: does the finished stitching in any way resemble a computer printout where you can see little "pixels" that jump out at you, or is the stitching evolving very painterly-like. I have looked at the example on the home page of Scarlett Quince several times but can't really tell from that. I hope this questions makes sense.
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Re: The Look of the Stitching     Reply with quote  
5:48 am Mar 09, 2006

The finished stitching really looks like a painting.
It is not at all 'pixellike'. The 'flow' from one colour to the next is very soft with so many distinct shades. (How should I express this with my bad english...?) The combination of two floss colours in one thread adds a special value. When you stitch on fabric with a high stitch count, you think you look at a painting.
I'm working on the 'keepsake' and on 'white ships'. It's wonderfull just to sit back and admire the progress made so far.
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Re: The Look of the Stitching     Reply with quote  
7:39 am Mar 09, 2006

I wondered the same thing. I'm currently stitching "Pinkie" and I've completed 35 rows on page 1. So I have a long way to go! But I really feel like I'm creating a "painting" with no pixel sensation. I step away from my floor stand periodically and just admire the subtle shading. It's wonderful fun to watch this picture slowly evolve.

I don't think you will be disappointed. Very Happy

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11:55 pm Mar 16, 2006

I'm planning on stitiching the prehistoric horse cave painting on 14 count taup aida. The stitches will look pixely but I'm hoping it will give the picture a primitive effect, as if it were painted on rock.
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Viewing a stitched pattern     Reply with quote  
12:06 pm Jul 26, 2006

I'm sure I've said this before but it's probably worth repeating. You really only get the full effect of our stitched pieces when viewing from a "normal" viewing distance. That is, when you are looking at a painting (or cross stitch piece) that's hanging on the wall, you are normally 2 or 3 feet away (or more). From that distance, all the blends work and the effect is that of a painting. If you look up close you can see the individual colors in the blended threads and individual stitches and the effect is not the same. Same with paintings - up close you see the brushwork - from a little distance you see a picture.
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