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Night With Her Train of Stars

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3:30 pm Dec 19, 2015

Originally posted by Divecat
Have just seen the new pattern, which I adore. I had a poster of it on my bedroom wall for the longest time before it started to go 'floppy' in the frame. I know I am going to make a purchase but, given it is 28" wide on 18 count (!!!) I will need to stitch it with the short side (17") at the top.

Also, I am working another pattern (non-SQ) on 22 count over one but with a single thread. Has anyone done an SQ pattern on this count of material or higher and what difficulties have you overcome?

Any hints or tips to prevent getting the wrong page done - thank goodness for sat navs as I need to turn the map on the very few occasions I need it. I was alright until I got married, then the navigation gene switched off at the altar Shocked

I am doing the "Rosa centifolia Anglica rubra" on 22-count (hardanger) over one, using 2 strands of floss. It's tight in places, but it's doable if you make sure that at least the stitch above is done before you do a stitch. This means I am never trying to squeeze a stitch in a space where all four stitches around it are done. I sometimes am having to squeeze a stitch in when right, above, and left stitches are done, and it's a very tight squeeze, but I make it.

I park my threads, identifying the threads using several Needle Park Avenues, which makes confetti stitching easier. And I use a magnifier to precisely see my stitches. I have found that I can still do pinhead stitch start and end of threads, which is good, as trying to run a thread under finished stitches on the back when they are that small is a nightmare. I have also noticed that my stitching pushes out the unstitched fabric threads around it, instead of pulling the stitched fabric tight, like happens with larger count thread.

On my next piece, "The Accolade," I have my 22-count fabric gridded and on my scroll frame. For it, I am going to make sure both the stitch above, and the stitch to the right are done before I place a stitch. This will eliminate squeezing stitches in where three around it are done, no more than two adjacent stitches will be done.
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