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New chart suggestions - Tudor portraits - Henry VIII, QEI

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New chart suggestions - Tudor portraits - Henry VIII, QEI     Reply with quote  
10:21 am Jul 21, 2006

I have a couple of pattern suggestions, and I have included links to an excellent website where the original art is all together. I am very interested in the portraits of the Tudors in England, as seen here:

The main site is here:

Henry VIII Holbein Holbein

Elizabeth I The Phoenix portrait The Pelican portrait The Ermine portrait (my favorite) The Armada portrait (1 of 2 - either would be great) The Rainbow portrait (my second favorite) The Coronation portrait - probably my least favorite.

I hope you consider maybe doing one or more of these. They would make great companion pieces to the tapestries (one of which I'm diligently working on now Very Happy )
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Suggestions     Reply with quote  
12:46 pm Jul 26, 2006

Very interesting web site. These are all new suggestions and have been added to our database. We'll give you a free copy if we use any of them.
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