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Source for DMC in India, Indonesia, Asia

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Source for DMC in India, Indonesia, Asia     Reply with quote  
1:32 pm Aug 29, 2006

Occasionally we have had people in India, Indonesia, and so on ask where they can get DMC floss. Although it is available on the internet, it usually can't be shipped outside the country where the vendor is, due to DMC's policies.

I now have a contact at DMC in Shanghai who has distributors in China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand and Australia. There isn't a distributor in India but he said that he can supply people in India.

The DMC website has a place where you can search for stores:

but if your country is not on the list, or there isn't a store near you, people generally in the Asia-Pacific area can contact:

Chris Pan
DMC Shanghai
Unit A, 4th Floor, Huamin Empire Plaza
No.726, West Yan An Road,
Shanghai 200050, P.R. China
Tel: +86 21 5238 0099*106
Fax: +86 21 5238 0628

He says they have an internet ordering system but has not sent the link as yet.

Just wanted to get this information out here before I lose it!
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Re: Source for DMC in India, Indonesia, Asia     Reply with quote  
7:31 pm Aug 30, 2006

Darn it, I wish I had known about that when I lived in Shanghai. We moved home in February. There was a little shop (I can't remember what road it was on), but it was a really little shop. I generally kept a list of what I wanted and picked up everything when we were home for a visit.
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