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colored aida cloth

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colored aida cloth     Reply with quote  
8:00 pm Aug 30, 2006

Has anyone else had difficulty with purchaseing navy or black aida cloth (preferably 18 ct)? Some years ago you could buy it off a bolt and now finding anything more than a yard at an extremely high price is only possible. I had hoped to save time on filling in backgrounds.
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1:41 pm Aug 31, 2006

It seems to be a seasonal thing - I can usually find black and navy blue in the fall, I guess when people are planning Halloween & Christmas projects? My Hobby Lobby will get it on the bolt, and it's usually about $4-6 a yard. When I see it, I always get some, because I really like doing projects on the darker fabrics. 18 is harder to come by - 14 is more common, I think, just because it is the most popular Aida size overall.

Have you tried any online sources, like Nordic Needle?
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