Cross Stitch Patterns from Fine Art by Scarlet Quince
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Re: neatness     Reply with quote  
9:57 pm May 05, 2004

I found the tip about a double length of floss really revolutionary for my stitching. When you cut some thread, make it twice as long as you usually do, fold it double, thread the two loose ends through the eye of your needle so that the opposite end of your thread is a loop. Come up from behind your fabric, and do one halfcross,passing the needle through the looped end of your thread as you go back through to the back of the material before pulling it firm. This anchors your thread with no loose ends on the back. When you have finished with that colour, weave it neatly under the stitches at the back and snip off close to the fabric. That way you should keep it all neat. It is also easier to do the biggest blocks of colour first before doing odd stitches as then you can weave under existing stitches to move from one area of work to another. I also have no idea what 'parking' means!! I presume it means that you have a number of needles with different threads going which you alternate. Is that an intelligent guess? Please explain.

Originally posted by jenmwoodard
I wanted to find out how you keep track of all those stitches. I just started the accolade, but the stained glass window in the corner is one of those with 20-30 stitches in a 10x10 section. Do you use the method of parking thread, or do you have other suggestions? And how do you secure the thread if there is only one, maybe two stitches of that color?
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