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Here are all the pictures of Nighthawks - Edward Hopper as stitched by Pamela Jordan, Arlington, Texas. Click any picture for a closer look.
Nighthawks - Edward Hopper HOP004 pattern info
Pamela Jordan, Arlington, Texas
22-count pre-gridded fabric from Balkan Imports, over 1 with 1 strand of floss
Start - 1 May, 2009 [This is the top right corner of the picture, turned on its side.]
Progress - 10 May, 2009
Progress - 17 May, 2009
Progress - 23 May, 2009
“Here is my Nighthawks (HOP004) through 31 May. As of this date, I have completed 2 and a half pages of the pattern. When stitched, the design will consist of 235,733 stitches in all. I have currently completed approximately 8788 stitches, or 3.73%. As you can see, I've completed a door, and you can see the start of the countertop within the diner. I am stitching sideways because of the dimensions of this piece. The way these first few pages break down color-wise, it looks like I'm working in colums, but I've actually taken and marked my pattern off in 20 by 20 squares since the fabric is gridded this way and I'm working each page in color sections. I have also taken and turned the pattern on its side as I stitch to help me keep my place as I work. Luckily this design is very linear, which makes the stitching quite easy.”
“Here's my update on Nighthawks.....I've finished page 3 *yippee!!!* So far, 10,545 stitches complete, for a total of 4,47% completion.”

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