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Here are all the pictures of Girl with a Pearl Earring - Johannes Vermeer as stitched by Anna, New Zealand. Click any picture for a closer look.
Girl with a Pearl Earring - Johannes Vermeer VER004 pattern info
Anna, New Zealand
18-count aida
November 9, 2011 “Starting this project in late August, I decided to finish the background first, so that it would be easier to find the right place for the image of the girl on the fabric. It looks strange now, but this method does make the job easier. I kept the grid lines for now, but make sure I stitch under them, so they don't get caught in the stitching.”
December 2, 2011 “Progress report from the "eat-the-vegetables-first gal"! :) Finished the girl's clothes. I have learned recently from an art book, that Russian icon painters used to always paint the background and the clothes of the depicted saints first, and leave the faces to be finished last. By coincidence I seem to have adopted that plan for this project!”
January 10, 2012 “Sorry about the poor quality of the photo, it was taken with my cell phone, my proper camera broke right when I needed it most. The tapestry is in the framing shop now, waiting to be fitted into a quite ornate white frame.”
January 20, 2012 “Here is what the project looks like now that it is framed. Not bad! It's a change for me not to have matting around the work, but in this case it works better without.”

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