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Fixed Scale View

Gaudeamus - Unknown (Gerona Bible Master)

An illuminated page from a gradual (music for the Mass) painted on vellum in tempera. The Latin text reads "Gaudeamus om[ne]s in domino diem festum celebrantes sub honore" meaning "Let us all rejoice in the Lord celebrating a festival in honor of...". A saint's name would follow on the next page. The letter G is decorated with a scene depicting the death of the Virgin, with the crucified Christ, angels, apostles, and others mourning. The four-line musical staff and square notes are a system of musical notation in use in Italy during much of the Middle Ages called Square Neumes. The background is not stitched. Ecru fabric is recommended. (about 1285)
Counted cross stitch chart (floss and fabric not included -- see what is included)
442 x 590 stitches   ■  118 colors   ■  About 25" x 33" or 62 x 83 cm (on 18-count)
Watermarks are not part of the pattern or stitched results
 = 10 x 10 stitches  
Printable version
On this page, the image is shown at a fixed size (stitches are 2 pixels x 2 pixels). This allows you to compare the relative size of different patterns (other pages scale the images by varying amounts so that they fit the page layout).

You can click "Show regular print pages" or "Show large print pages" to show how the pattern is divided into pages for the two print sizes. The page outlines are red, and the page numbers in the chart are also shown in red. (Charts always start on page 3 of the pattern booklet.) The smaller black grid shows the 10 x 10 blocks of stitches within the pattern. These are always the same. The only difference between the large print and regular print patterns is how many stitches fit on a page. Click "No grid" to hide the grid and page lines.

You can change the colors of the page numbers, grid, and page boundaries to colors that show up better against the pattern picture. The page numbers have a shadow which allows them to show up even if the foreground color matches the pattern in a particular area. Choose background color "none" to remove the grid and shadows.

If you would like to print the image without the Scarlet Quince logo, tabs, etc., choose the grid display you want, then click "Printable version". You may need to specify that the background image is to be printed. Here's how to turn background printing on.

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