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Charles Burton Barber
A Special Pleader
A tearful small girl with blond hair and a white dress standing resentfully in the corner, her doll on the floor nearby. A collie, distressed by his mistress' unhappiness, looks about for someone to help. Behind the dog is a curtained doorway, through which can be seen a spinet with music on the music stand and a window. (1893)
A little girl asking a blessing before having breakfast in bed, flanked by a fox terrier and a gray kitten. The tray on her lap holds a china cup, a plate of toast, and a soft-boiled egg. It must be her birthday because there is an opened package and some flowers on the bed. The dog and kitten are very alert waiting for her to finish her prayer and share her breakfast with them. (1894)
Off to School
A young Victorian girl in hat, coat, and gloves on her way to school on a gray autumn or early winter day. She is accompanied by a St. Bernard dog almost as tall as she is, which is carrying her umbrella in its mouth. (1883)
James Bard
Glen Cove
The majestic Glen Cove, a paddle-wheeler, steams along a lake with low hills in the background, with its flags flying and smokestacks trailing black smoke. The rigging and galleries are all shown in detail. (1855)
Frederic Bazille
The Pink Dress
A woman in a pink-and-white striped dress with a black cap and black apron sitting on a shady lichen-encrusted stone wall overlooking a village where the stone buildings glow in the sun. Also known as "View of Castelnau-le-Lez, Herault". (Impressionist, 1864)
William Holbrook Beard
Dancing Bears
A fanciful pair of bears dancing in a forest glade while two other bears look on. Beard was a very popular animal painter, especially favoring bears. He sometimes depicted animals realistically, but often his works were satires on human behavior. (c. 1885)
Aubrey Beardsley
Smithers' Catalogue of Rare Books
A young woman in a ruffled gown and low-cut jacket and a flowered hat, seated on an elegant striped couch reading a small book. A cockatoo on an ornate perch near an ornate column watches her. The background and white sections (about two-thirds the total area) are not stitched; use white fabric. (Art Nouveau, 1896)
A fanciful pen-and-ink drawing of a dragon with fringed wings and horns, curly tendrils, and scaly ears and feet. The background and white sections (about half the total area) are not stitched; use white fabric. (Art Nouveau, about 1895)
Thomas Hart Benton
Cradling Wheat
Three men and a boy harvesting wheat by hand on a sunny summer day on a hillside. The wheatfield is bordered by a few stray wildflowers and bands of trees. They are using cradles and scythes to gather and cut the wheat, which is then tied into shocks and stacked. This method of harvesting wheat had been almost completely replaced by machinery by the time the picture was painted (1938).
The Sheepherder
A horseman drives a flock of sheep down from their summer pasture in the high mountain meadows. There is already some snow among the highest peaks, and the aspens are showing their bright fall colors among the somber pines. (American Regionalism, 1960)
Portrait of a Musician
A black jazz bassist in a Kansas City nightclub. He is nattily dressed in a blue blazer, white trousers, and a fancy yellow and black necktie, and gazes down at the gleaming string bass in tranquil concentration. (American Regionalism, 1949)
The Lord is My Shepherd
An elderly couple shares a meager meal at a small round table. The white-haired old woman wears a faded yellow dress and has the gnarled fingers of a lifetime of hard work. She is watching the old man, dressed in a blue jacket over a yellow shirt, who gazes into the distance. They seem contented in their faith, expressed by the Bible verse framed on the wall behind them. (American Regionalism, 1926)
The Cotton Picker
A family of black sharecroppers in the Depression-era South harvesting their cotton crop. In the foreground a young man in an orange T-shirt and blue jeans gathers cotton. A man is lifting a cotton bag up to a primitive crane to load the cotton into the wagon standing under a blasted live oak. A boy is dragging his cotton sack to the wagon as a woman stands by with her bag. The fields behind them shimmer in the heat. (American Regionalism, 1943-4)
The Kentuckian
A Kentucky backwoodsman and his son and dog leaving the Kentucky hills to escape from too much civilization and a family feud. The man and boy are dressed in fringed deerskin suits, moccasins, and knit caps. The man carries a rifle, ammunition pouch and powder flask, and a bedroll, while the boy carries their prized hunting horn. (American Regionalism, 1954)
The Hailstorm
The beginning of a violent storm with a close lightning strike, roiling black clouds with an eery yellow-green light showing through, and hail starting to fall. One man plowing is struggling to control the frightened mule while another man runs for the shelter of a lean-to. (American Regionalist, 1940)
Eugene Bidau
A Peacock and Doves in a Garden
A peacock standing in a wisteria-draped classical garden alcove. Behind him, white doves bathe and quarrel in a shallow pool of water. Yellow irises are growing at the edge of the pool, and palm trees are dimly seen beyond the alcove. (French, 1888)
Elegant Still Life with Flowers
A garden nook next to a stone wall. On the pavement are a basket, a straw hat, and trellis all holding pink and white roses, red carnations, blue and yellow irises, and assorted other flowers. The basket contains daisies with a border of blue flowers and leaves, and on the left is a garland of blue and white flowers. A white dove lies on the pavement and another is flying above. A wisteria vine tumbles over the wall. In the background is a lake bordered with trees, shrubs, and a house. (19th century)
Albert Bierstadt
Sunrise, Yosemite Valley
The rising sun pours golden light through a gap in the mountains to illuminate the Merced river flowing through a meadow in the Yosemite valley. The rugged granite cliffs rise sharply not far from the bank of the calm river which reflects the trees and mountains. A grizzly bear in the foreground provides scale amid all this grandeur. (Hudson River School, 1870)
Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California
The sun breaks through swirling misty clouds (perhaps the result of a sudden shower of rain) through a gap in the mountains. A lake, partially ringed by cliffs, and fed by waterfalls tumbling down the rocks, calmly reflects rocks, trees, and waterfalls. The side away from the gap is still darkly shaded by the clouds. A group of deer at the lake's edge seem to be studying the glorious view. (Hudson River School, 1868)
The Great Trees, Mariposa Grove, California
Sunlight filtering through a grove of giant sequoias. The massive tree in the center stretches its broken and blasted top into the sun, while its base is shrouded in shadow. The trees dwarf a man and his pack horse into insignificance. Ranks of smaller trees march into a seemingly endless distance. Bierstadt based this painting on a photograph by C. E. Watkins, "The Grizzly Giant". (Hudson River School, 1876)
Cathedral Rock, Yosemite Valley, California
Jagged peaks covered with snow on a gray winter day, though a shaft of sunlight picks out the top of the peaks. In the meadow at the base of the cliffs is a small lake, perhaps a beaver pond, which interrupts the flow of the creek. A few naked trees follow the creek, while behind them, firs climb the mountains. A few shrubs in the foreground still retain their dead leaves, and cattle grazing off to the side give a sense of the scale of the majestic peaks. (Hudson River School, 1872)
Falls of Niagara from Below
A view of Niagara Falls from the base of the falls on a sunny day. Water pours over the falls in foamy white cascades, parted by a spit of land to which indistinct shrubs cling. A rubble of boulders below the falls breaks the surging water into small wavelets. Much of the water is driven upwards again as spray, and blowing to the left obscures part of the falls. (Hudson River School, about 1869)
Old Faithful
The Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park erupting and shooting boiling water into the air on a clear-skied day. Part of the water is splashing into a small lake in which the geyser and nearby trees are reflected, while clouds of steam billow all around. (Hudson River School, 1876)
The Domes of the Yosemite
A view of the Yosemite Valley and Domes from Yosemite Falls. The upper falls cascades down from the rocks on the left, feeding the lower falls and the Merced River. Down the valley Half Dome, Washington Column, North Dome, and other prominent peaks and domes recede into the mist. (Hudson River School, 1870)
The Oregon Trail
A wagon train pausing for the night next to rocky cliffs along the Oregon Trail as the sun sets in a blaze of color. The party includes Conestoga wagons and people on horseback. Cattle and sheep are heading for a pool which reflects the setting sun amid a stand of trees. (Hudson River School, 1869)

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