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Rachel Ruysch
Roses, Marigolds, Hyacinths, and Other Flowers on a Marble Ledge
An arrangement of pink roses, blue hyacinths, marigolds, honeysuckle, and other flowers sitting on a marble ledge
Emma Sandys
Elaine in blue and gold, thinking sadly of her unrequited love for Lancelot
Frederick Sandys
An angry and despairing Medea mixes a poison compounded from toads, bats, nightshade, and blood, with the Argo and the golden fleece in the background
John Singer Sargent
Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose
Two little girls wearing matching white ruffled dresses and black stockings standing in a flower bed at twilight lighting Japanese paper lanterns with long spills. The candles' warm glow lights their faces. They are standing up to their knees in carnations with pink roses all around, and white oriental lilies towering over them. (1885-6)
Spanish Fountain
A watercolor of a stone fountain standing in a wide basin of water. Water pours from a woman's head on the upper part of the fountain, and cherubs lounge around the base. The rippling water in the basin catches the light, and a hint of blue and white tile is seen at the base of the reddish wall in the background. (c. 1902)
White Ships
Sailing ships at anchor
Elizabeth Winthrop Chanler
A portrait of a young woman in a black satin gown with big puffed sleeves
Madame X
A portrait of a woman in a simple black evening gown
Lady Agnew of Lochnaw
A portrait of a young woman seated in a flowered armchair. She is dressed in a sheer pale lavender gown with a lilac sash. Her legs are crossed, and she gazes directly out of the canvas. This portrait made Singer's reputation, and established Lady Agnew as a society beauty. (1892)
The Grand Canal, Venice
A watercolor sketch of the grand canal in Venice. Small ripples in the water reflect back the light from a milky blue sky. Stone buildings line the canal and a gondola is being poled along, while others are moored at the edges of the canal. (1902-4)
The Virgin in Prayer
A very gentle and sweet-faced Virgin Mary at prayer wearing red and blue against a plain black background. The background is not stitched; use black fabric. See SAS001-W for a version to be stitched on white fabric. (1640-50)
The Virgin in Prayer (white background)
A very gentle and sweet-faced Virgin Mary at prayer wearing red and blue against a plain white background. The background is not stitched; use white fabric. The original painting has a black background; see SAS001 for a version to be stitched on black fabric. (1640-50)
Mead Schaeffer
He Raised a Gull-Like Cry in the Air
An illustration for "Moby Dick" showing Captain Ahab and a sailor standing on the sailing top spying for whales while seagulls swirl around them with a pale sun struggling through the blue sea mist.
...While but two thirds of the way aloft, and while peering ahead through the horizontal vacancy between the main-top-sail and top-gallant-sail, he raised a gull-like cry in the air, "There she blows!--there she blows! A hump like a snow-hill! It is Moby Dick!" -- Herman Melville
(Golden Age of Illustration, 1922)
Guillaume Seignac
A virginal bride on her wedding day. She is seated on a gilded chair, dressed in a chemise, and she has a band with orange blossoms on it in her reddish hair. She is holding her satin bridal gown and lace veil on her lap, and a sprig of orange blossoms, and gazing pensively over her shoulder. The background is a delicately patterned lavender wallpaper. (Academic, 1900)
Georges Seurat
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
Parisians enjoying a sunny Sunday in a park on an island in the Seine. Ladies with parasols are strolling with top-hatted gentlemen, families are sitting on blankets on the grass, children and dogs are running about. The river is filled with small sailboats and sculls. The pointillist style involves mixing tiny dots of different colors which are blended by the eye; Seurat believed that this would make the colors more brilliant and vibrant than standard brush strokes. (Post-Impressionist, c. 1885)
Ohara Shoson
Heron in the Snow
An egret perching on a branch in a snow-covered tree on a snowy night. The egret's feathers are delicately suggested. The background is not stitched, and this pattern is designed for black fabric. (Mid 1930s)
Birds and Snowy Berry Branches
Two sparrows on snow next to bushes with dark green leaves and red berries
Paul Signac
The Red Buoy
A red buoy floating in the harbor at St. Tropez, at that time still a small fishing port. Sunlight glints off the gently rippling water which reflects the sailboats anchored there and the orange buildings facing the waterfront. A crystal-clear blue sky is overhead. (Pointillist, 1895)
John Sloan
The City from Greenwich Village
A view from the roof of the artist's Washington Place studio, looking south over lower Sixth Avenue on a winter evening. The distant lights of the great office buildings downtown are seen in the gathering darkness. An elevated train snakes between the buildings and street lights illuminate cars and pedestrians. The triangular building is the Flatiron Building. The tallest building in the distance is the Woolworth building. (Ash Can School, 1922)
Jessie Willcox Smith
The Flowers
A young girl sitting amid flowers in an old-fashioned English garden gazing up at the many-colored flowers that tower over her. Through the flowers a bright blue sky filled with white clouds can be seen.
All the names I know from nurse:
Gardener's garters, Shepherd's purse,
Bachelor's buttons, Lady's smock,
And the Lady Hollyhock. - Robert Louis Stevenson, A Child's Garden of Verses
(The Golden Age of Illustration, 1905)
C is for Cat
A little girl in a red dress with matching hair ribbon seated on a striped stool writing Cat on a slate. Her school bag is on the floor by her feet and a fluffy brown and white cat stands on the bag patting at the moving slate pencil. The background is a red brick wall with vines growing up it and a gray door. (Golden Age of Illustration)
N is for Needle
A little girl sits stitching at cream-colored fabric with a gold design of spotted stripes. She has curly red hair and is wearing a checked jacket over an orange dress. The background is not stitched, and this pattern is designed for white fabric. (The Golden Age of Illustration)
W is for Wind
A little girl in a red spotted dress stands in a howling wind. Her dress has blown up to show the tops of her stockings and she is covering her ears to shut out the wind. Her pull toy has blown over, and her terrier dog seems to be bracing himself against the wind as well. (The Golden Age of Illustration)
B is for Basket
A little girl holding a basket of red, white, and blue flowers. She is wearing a yellow empire-style dress dotted with white and a big bonnet with a red flower on the brim, and she stands under a weeping willow tree. (About 1910)
Z is for Zephyr
A little girl in a rose-colored dress lies on a hillside at the end of summer. She is surrounded by goldenrod flowers and has picked a bouquet of them, and is holding one up to study. A red butterfly is perched on a nearby flower, and overhead, big puffy clouds roll by.
Z is for Zephyr, a warm breeze blowing by, stirring
soft scents of flowers, chasing clouds 'cross the sky.
    -- Elizabeth Allen Ashton - An Old-Fashioned ABC Book
(About 1910)
V is for Valentine
A small boy in a blue winter cap, coat, and leggings stands on tiptoe to reach a doorbell beside a paneled door. In his other hand is a valentine card.
V is for Valentine I leave at the door
To tell you I love you, each day more and more.
    -- Elizabeth Allen Ashton - An Old-Fashioned ABC Book
(About 1910)
T is for Tulips
A little girl arranging red and orange tulips in terra cotta pots on a ledge outside a window. She is wearing a blue and white dress and a blue apron and has a matching blue ribbon tying back her red hair. The white curtains are blowing in the open window.
T is for Tulips, all in a row.
Terry cares for them tenderly so they will grow.
    -- Elizabeth Allen Ashton - An Old-Fashioned ABC Book
(About 1910)
D is for Dishes
A little girl standing on a stepstool at an old-fashioned kitchen sink washing dishes in a blue willow pattern. She is wearing a white dress with red and blue flowers and a red apron which is much too large for her.
D is for Dishes, Dot's chore for the day.
Outside Dan calls, "Are you done? Come and play!"
    -- Elizabeth Allen Ashton - An Old-Fashioned ABC Book
(About 1910)
A young girl wearing a pink pleated dress and pink hair ribbon seated at a piano, practicing her scales. Her scales book is open on the music stand but she is concentrating on her hands. (1907)

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