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James Earle Fraser
End of the Trail
An exhausted Indian carrying a lance on horseback. The horse has stopped short just before stepping over a precipice. Based on a sculpture in bronze, the background is not stitched and white fabric is recommended. (1894)
Caspar David Friedrich
The Polar Sea
A wrecked ship lying among huge shards of ice in the northern sea
Daniel Froeschl
Sunflower Seen from the Back
A botanical print of a sunflower viewed, unusually, from the back, showing the details of the calyx (sepals), the undersides of a few leaves, and the sturdy junction of stem and head. The yellow petals form a fringe around the green calyx. This is the companion to Froeschl's Sunflower, which we also offer. (about 1600)
A botanical print of a sunflower. The yellow petals form a fringe around the brown disk in which the tiny disk flowers are starting to show yellow and green. This is the companion to Froeschl's Sunflower Seen from the Back, which we also offer. (about 1600)
Clarence Alphonse Gagnon
The Old Mill, Indian Summer
An old mill standing in a field. Before it is the millpond reflecting green and dotted with waterlilies, with a rail fence bordering it. Behind it are trees blazing with peak fall colors. A couple more houses stand on a ridge behind the mill. (Canadian, 1919)
Thomas Gainsborough
The Blue Boy
A young Cavalier in a blue satin suit with a lace-trimmed collar and shoes with matching bows. His coat is draped over one arm and in the other hand he holds his plumed hat. He stands on a brushy hillside against a vaguely stormy background. We also offer his traditional companion, Pinkie, by Sir Thomas Lawrence, in a compatible size. (Rococo/Romantic, about 1770)
Paul Gauguin
The Siesta
Polynesian women taking their afternoon rest on a verandah
Winter Landscape, Effect of Snow
Houses and trees dimly seen through falling snow in the eery winter light. Also known as Snow at Vaugirard, II. In the foreground is a row of small trees. Behind them is the roof of a house built downhill from the trees, and more houses behind it on rising land. (Post-Impressionist, 1879)
Charles Allan Gilbert
All is Vanity
A charcoal drawing of an elegant lady seated at her vanity admiring her reflection in a large circular mirror. The room is in darkness but candles on the dressing table light up the mirror. The lady, mirror, and bottles on the table form the illusion of a large grinning skull (which also provides a verbal play on the title). (1892)
Warwick Goble
Three Spirits Mad with Joy
Three little fairies with colored wings wearing gauzy gowns leaping onto and swinging from a spray of flowers.
Himself beheld three spirits mad with joy
Come dashing down on a tall wayside flower
That shook beneath them, as the thistle shakes
When three gray linnets wrangle for the seed
-- Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Guinevere
This piece is solidly stitched. (Golden Age of Illustration, 1920)
John William Godward
A Congenial Task
A beautiful woman in Classical dress seated on a leopard skin braiding her long, dark brown hair. Her clothes are deep red, blue, and green. She leans on a marble wall with a base of different marble, next to a granite column on a golden pedestal. (Neoclassical, 1915)
A Red Rose
A beautiful woman in a dark red costume in the style of ancient Greece gazing pensively at a deep red rose. She has a pair of scissors in the other hand. On a marble-topped stand is a bowl of other roses in various colors. The background is a wall of marble, granite, and slate. (1920, Neoclassical)
The Tambourine Girl
A dark-haired girl in a gauzy magenta gown in the style of ancient Greece, with an orange scarf tied around her hips, pensively leaning against a marble wall holding a tambourine. (Neoclassical, 1906)
Edward Goodes
Fishbowl Fantasy
A classic still life with some twists! A glass vase containing a lavish bouquet of roses, petunias, delphiniums, bleeding hearts, coral honeysuckle, and other flowers -- but the bowl also contains a couple of goldfish, and reflects people walking along a village street. On the table beside the vase are nasturtium flowers, a feather, pink kid gloves, a fan, a lace hanky, a letter, a gold cross on a chain, a keepsake box with two doves on the lid, and a small wooden cupboard. (American, 1867)
Francisco Goya
Don Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zuniga
A young Spanish grandee in red with his pet cats and birds
Seymour Joseph Guy
An Interesting Book
A small girl with short brown hair wearing a red ruffled dress with lace trim stands by a table she is just tall enough to see over looking intently into a book. Her blue-gowned bisque doll stands propped by the book, and an ornately-carved chair is pulled up to the table. A dim blue twilight can be seen through an adjacent window. (American, late 19th century)
William Michael Harnett
Job Lot Cheap
A tumbled pile of dilapidated old books for sale
Still Life - Violin and Music
A violin, bow, piccolo, sheet music, horseshoe, and a box of matches hanging on the back of a yellow door with rusted hinges
A table with a worn fancy cover piled high with things for leisure time and relaxation: roses and daisies in vases, a violin and flute, sheet music, books, letters, a newspaper, matches, a lamp, a jar with scissors in it, and a palmetto fan. Apparently the owner has not had much time for pleasure lately because cobwebs festoon everything. (1887)
The Old Cupboard Door
A dark brown, rather battered cupboard door with a ledge, festooned with a variety of objects. A violin, sheet music, a tambourine with a translucent head, a newspaper clipping and a key are hung from the door. On the ledge are a small bronze statuette, a china vase holding a pink rose, a candlestick and candle, several dilapidated books, and a shell. (1889)
Childe Hassam
In the Garden
Cecilia Thaxter in her garden on the island of Appledore, in the Isles of Shoals, Maine. She is standing amid a bed of hollyhocks, Shirley poppies, mignonette, and asters. Behind her is the ocean with a white sail in the distance. She wrote a book about her garden and Childe Hassam painted the illustrations, of which this is one. (Impressionist, 1892)
Kawase Hasui
Snow at Mukajima
A snowly evening on a Japanese lake. Snow-covered fishing boats are in the foreground, with several more tied up next to a cheerfully lit cottage on the shore. A fisherman is poling his boat in, while one more boat is still out. The blue of the twilight sky is reflected in the still lake. (1931)
Harbor at Night, Otaru
A man in a hat and overcoat and a woman in a kimono standing on a pier looking out on Ishikari Bay in Otaru. Several fishing boats are at anchor, and their lights are reflected in the calm water of the bay. The last light of the day highlights the low clouds, and the light of two lamps on the pier is reflected in the water. (1933)
Autumn at Oirase
Gorgeous yellow and orange foliage on and under birch trees by a stream. The water is blue under sunny skies and it ripples past small rocks in the stream. (1933)
Francesco Hayez
The Kiss
A medieval lady in blue satin and a cloaked traveler kiss at the foot of a castle's stairs
The Last Kiss of Romeo and Juliet
Romeo, poised to climb over Juliet's balcony, turns to kiss her one last time. She, wearing her bedgown, clings to him, but he has one hand around her waist and the other grasping a rope tied outside the window. Juliet's nurse, holding a lighted lamp, is watching from the inner room. The sky outside is bright and the morning light is beginning to come through the stained-glass windows and illumine the walls and columns. (Romantic, 1823)

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