Scarlet Quince News February 2003
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Scarlet Quince News
February 2003

Dear friends,

We're pleased to announce that we are now accepting Visa and Mastercard on our new secure order form. Now you can pay with your credit card without waiting for an invoice to be emailed, and no need to join a payment service. 128-bit encryption keeps your personal information completely safe. We will still accept checks, money orders, PayPal, and Billpoint payments for those who prefer one of those methods.

Have you checked out our pattern search? The basic search box at the top of most pages lets you quickly find a pattern by (words from) the title or the artist's name. Click advanced search for additional options, including fun categories to let you find the special patterns that appeal to you.

We moved to a new server at the beginning of the year, and if you have had trouble reaching Scarlet Quince in the past, or found it slow, we think things are much better now. Hope you agree!

The Unicorn in Captivity - Unknown


Starry Night
Starry Night

Still Life of Flowers and Fruits I
Still Life of Flowers and Fruits I

Still Life of Flowers and Fruits II
Still Life of Flowers and Fruits II

Recent Free Pattern Awards

Congratulations to Carolyn Gillespie of Phoenix, Arizona, and Sherrill Welch, of Midland, Texas, who recently received free copies of patterns they suggested. Carolyn's suggestion was "Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh, while Sherrill suggested "Still Life of Flowers and Fruits I and II" by Eugene-Adolphe Chevalier.

Find out
how you can have a chance to win a free pattern by suggesting a painting.

Are you stitching one of our patterns?

Send us pictures of your work in progress or completed work, and we'll publish the best ones on our site. You can your digital photos or mail prints to Scarlet Quince, 6525 Heron Drive, Austin, TX 78759. (Give your return address so we can return your prints.) Be sure to let us know if want your name to appear on the web site or not.

Tip: Got Needles?

You can only use one needle at a time so you only need one needle, right? Wrong!

When working in an area where you're going back and forth among a few colors, keep a few needles threaded, one per active color. This saves loads of time over threading and rethreading one needle.

To keep from losing track of which color is in which needle, try one of these ways: poke the needles through the chart color key next to the appropriate symbol when they're not in use; or write the symbols on a post-it note, poke the needles through it, and stick the post-it note to your chart; or, if you don't need to cut the thread, bring it up through the fabric at the beginning of the next stitch in that color. When you need to know what symbol that is, look up the location on the chart.

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