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Free Cross Stitch Patterns

Be the FIRST to suggest a new painting or design -- if we decide to use it, you'll get a copy of the pattern FREE!

We choose pictures we think will be rewarding to stitch, but we need to know what you like, and that's why we make this offer.

Send your suggestions to . Attach a copy of the picture to your email in .jpg format, or include a link to the picture. Do not send Word documents or zip files. Be sure to give the artist's name and the title of the painting. Please restrict yourself to a few pictures you really like. Emails with dozens of suggestions will not be processed.

The fine print: we reserve the right to reject any design, for any reason. We cannot promise to make a decision about a picture in any particular timeframe. You must suggest a specific picture (or pictures) to qualify for a free cross stitch pattern. General suggestions, while appreciated, do not qualify. If we use your suggestion, we will contact you by email. If you don't respond within one week, you may forfeit your free copy. If your email address changes, you must send us both your old and new address so we can update our records.

In case you'd like to save a little money on floss bobbins, or you run out when you've just gotten comfortable for an evening of stitching at home, here is a pattern for floss bobbins you can print and cut out to make your own!

You'll need a sheet of boxboard (cereal box weight, for example) or other light cardboard, or thin plastic (available at craft stores). If you are going to make bobbins for long term storage, you may want to be sure that your cardboard is acid-free (product packaging is typically not), or use plastic. Your printer may not be able to print on cardboard or plastic — if you decide to try it, we recommend using the straight-through option (usually there is a door or flap in the back you can open to let the paper go out the back after printing, requiring less bending. If your printer won't do this, print the pattern on paper and tack it to a sheet of cardboard or plastic.

Here are several backstitch and cross stitch alphabet charts suitable for signing your cross stitch. (See our tutorial on signing your work for more information about how to do that.)

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) and you’ll receive the pattern for "Rosa centifolia Anglica rubra" by Pierre-Joseph Redoute. You can download the pattern either in regular print or large print (or both!)

Even if you don’t care to stitch this particular pattern, it’s a great way to get a first-hand look at one of our patterns before you order.

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Rosa centifolia Anglica rubra - Pierre-Joseph Redoute

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