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February 2004
Hello everyone,

We hope you're having a great 2004 so far! We have lots of news this time -- pattern awards, e-Cards, and cleaning tips. But before we dive in, we have a question for you. Are there features you'd like at Scarlet Quince that we don't have? Information we should provide? If you have ideas, please how to make Scarlet Quince better.
Free Pattern Awards
Girl with a Pearl Earring - Johannes Vermeer The Gleaners - Francois Millet Hollyhocks and Other Flowers in a Vase - Jan van Huysum
Suggested by Steven Hess, Hackensack, New Jersey
Suggested by Susan Cook, Dominion, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Suggested by Carol Espinoza, Hickory Creek, Texas
Here are our three latest patterns by suggestion. Thanks are due to Steven Hess, Susan Cook, and Carol Espinoza, who suggested them and received free copies of the patterns. You may be able to win a pattern too! Find out how.
Announcing Scarlet Quince e-Cards!
We're pleased to announce that Scarlet Quince now offers e-cards! Just pick a picture you like (any of our patterns), click "Send as an e-card", add a message, and send it to a friend. It's free, fun, and is the easiest way to tell a friend about a pattern you like - or to remember a birthday, or just say hi. Your friend will receive an email with a link to their e-card, and you'll be notified when they've read your card.
Cleaning Tips from our Members
Last time we asked you, our members, to share your experiences cleaning needlework... good or bad. Several people have had good results with Oxyclean, others use dishwashing liquids or laundry products. We found their stories interesting and helpful, so here they are!

I have found that 1/4 teaspoon of Johnson's Baby Shampoo in a dishpan of lukewarm water works very well, I haven't had any colors bleeding. It also leaves the work soft. I use this also for my crocheted pieces. If I am washing an all white crocheted piece, I add 1 teaspoon OxyClean and soak for an hour.

I just recently finished a project and found a "dirt" line on my unstitched background. I had the piece dry cleaned 2 times but the line still was there. I purchased "Shout" with the brush on the top of the cap. I gently rubbed the Shout on the aida cloth and blotted it with a damp cloth. The stain disappeared almost instantly. It was great!!

I have found that the best thing to use for cleaning stitched pieces is to soak them in warm water with Dawn dishwashing liquid. It removes the oil and dirt in a very short time. I usually put the Dawn right on the soiled areas then soak for 1/2 hour in warm water.

I find putting a little dish detergent in cold water and letting article soak for a bit works real well. I use Palmolive dish detergent, but any brand will do.

First may I begin my story with some advice, always use color fast thread and if you aren't sure wash first. In my daughter's first year of life I began stitching her a stocking. One month before Christmas I was in a car accident and didn't get back to my stocking till the following fall. When it was finished, I was sooo pleased with myself, at last and on time. Better late than never. When I washed the fabric in cold water to wash, all the color started to bleed from the red cotton thread. My project was ruined. All the white background that was not stitched turned pink. ARRRGGHH. Couldn't start again. I went and purchased some pearl white fabric paint and painstakingly painted all the fabric parts that were not stitched. It worked beautifully. The fabric paint added a durability to the stocking, and once lined and together, no one was the wiser. Whew. Merry Christmas to all.

I have always just thrown it in the washing machine after I am done stitching it. Hang it to dry and press it on the wrong side. I have had beautiful results. I have even done this with linen, however it does tend to unravel. Just regular laundry soap (Tide or Cheer), but a small amount. Floss is great as long as it is DMC.

Just thought you would like to know of a recent experience of mine. My husband bought me two old samplers at a car boot sale, but horror of horrors they were covered in mildew!! I have tried without success to get this type of stain out before. A challenge? I had bought some Oxyclean from QVC and thought I might as well try it on this fabric as it was a bit delicate. I soaked them in this over night and lo and behold it all just disappeared. I couldn't believe it. I don't think it is much good on greasy spots but anything works.

I made the mistake of steam pressing a piece stitched on linen with over-dyed threads. I know not to try to wash them, but I did not realize just how much steam from the iron would make them run! I kept the piece, but it was intended as a Christmas gift for a dear friend, and I had to find something else.

I inadvertantly got orange highlighter on stitches done with pale yellow thread, but a good spritzing with Oxyclean and blotting with a paper towel got it all off with no residue or staining.

Heraldic Chivalry

I Saw the Figure Five in Gold

The Reverend Robert Walker Skating

The River

Vase with Flowers

The Sense of Light
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