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June 2017

Hello stitching friends,

Things have been pretty busy around here for the last couple of months, although not in a way that is visible to you! We only have one new pattern this month, but things should be getting back on track soon. Our new pattern is Carnival Evening - Henri Rousseau. It is the suggestion of Kara McDowell of Virginia, and we've sent her a copy to thank her for her suggestion!

Just as a reminder, if there is information you're looking for on our site that you can't find, be sure to let us know. We welcome suggestions of all kinds!

We do have a lot of new pictures in the gallery, many of patterns that are new to the gallery! Be sure to check out this latest batch of very impressive work!

SQ Stitch Updates

We will soon be releasing an update to SQ Stitch. Most of the changes are minor (bug fixes or improved error checking) but one is important enough that we want to discuss it here. It's a reminder to back up the pattern you're working on. We initially suggested that you would probably only do a backup if you wanted to move your stitching to another device, but a few things convinced us you should do a backup regularly.

For one thing, your stitching data is stored on your device, internal to the browser. As browser data, the browser has discretion to clean up (read delete) data when it considers it appropriate. This should rarely happen unless your device is nearly full, but it has happened to a few people. Also, if you clear your browsing history, be careful! I lost my temper one day because Chrome wouldn't show the latest version of a page and cleared everything, including my stitching data.

Also, many of you using iPhones or iPads (where the database support is very recent) have found that Apple is perhaps not as convinced that your data is important as would be desirable. The update to iOS 10.3.1 corrupted the database. The update to iOS 10.3.2 emptied it. So whatever kind of device you have, for goodness sakes, do a backup before you update the operating system.

So, to sum up, make a backup regularly. It's hard to keep track, hence the reminder. The data tab will show how many days it has been since you made a backup, and by default you'll begin getting reminders when it has been more than 5 days since the last backup. You can change the frequency on the options tab, and eliminate the reminder by setting it to zero, but we really recommend against that.

We've received lots of good feedback on SQ Stitch! People are loving it! If you want to try it and didn't receive an access code, let us know.

*** Independence Day Sale ***

We're having an Independence Day sale! We'll be closed on the 4th, so the sale runs now through July 5! In honor of the 13 original states, everything is 13% off!


New pattern! Clink the picture for a closer look.

Carnival Evening - Henri Rousseau
Carnival Evening
Henri Rousseau

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