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I also wanted to give you some feedback on SQ Stitch. I was skeptical about starting to use it on The Horse Fair by Bonheur. I have been used to the printed patterns and I decided to use SQ stitch to track pages completed. I discovered the Floss tab under stats and that was an eye opener! So useful in managing floss, especially on a huge project like this. I used the software this way for about 15 pages and then decided to start using it daily. It is awesome and I can't see doing the projects any other way. I still use the paper pattern to track but I am very close to throwing them away. You have a great system there!
I really appreciate the app, being able to convert the project to the computer, and I love the features the app offers.
On Saturday I took my daughter and her soon-to-be husband along to the framers so they could pick out the frame for their stitchery, "My Sweet Rose" by John William Waterhouse. I asked the framer if he gets many stitcheries to frame from other people in the area. He said that he does get several, but none are nearly as nice as the ones that I have done. That is a real complement, not only to me, but to Scarlet Quince as well. Yes, it does take over a year or two to complete (I always use 18 thread count), but I think it is well worth it.
Not only do y'all have a wonderful pattern (The Librarian) and a wonderful app, but toss in wonderful customer service, and voila! Thanks.
New to this but very excited to see stitching tips and the like. Thank You.
I am so impressed with your web site! I am a self-taught cross stitcher and I am so excited to have some tutorials at hand. I cannot wait to see what I can create now.
SQ Stitch? Where have you been all my life?!!! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
This program [SQ Stitch] is wonderful, easy to use, and an incredible tool! Thank you!
The Pattern arrived and I have downloaded it successfully...thanks for the TERRIFIC PRODUCT...NOBODY does it better!
I found your site by accident and was very interested that you offer practical solutions to problems that you may run into. I have never seen a frame calculator. Thank you very much for that. No other site that I have been to offers that! It's like they want you to guess. So happy to have found you. I saved you on my desktop so that I will NOT lose you. Read just a few of your offers to problems and am so fascinated. Keep up the good work for returnees and beginners alike!!!
I don't know how I ever stitched without SQ Stitch and I hope I never have to be without it. It adds so much to my enjoyment of stitching. And luckily, Scarlet Quince artwork is the only artwork I am interested in stitching. I can't believe I used to use ezpdf and can't see how others are satisfied with it.
Just wanted to send a quick note and a great big THANK YOU for creating SQ Stitch! Now that I've graduated to more complex patterns, using the app takes a great deal of the tedium out of stitching and replaces it with extra fun. I doubt I can do another cross stitch without SQ Stitch.
I am so pleased with "The Lady of Shallot", I have gotten so many compliments, and they are even more stunned to find out it is a cross stitch and done by me. Thank you for your quality!
Have been cross stitching for 15 years and yours are the best designs and choice ever.
After reading all the information on your site, I feel like I have attended a great class for first timers. All the info has given me the courage to start and I am ordering from you today. Thank you for sharing all of your helpful tips.
I've been using SQ Stitch since you first made it available, and it is absolutely, totally brilliant!! It is such an unbelievable improvement over having to manually search for stitches on a printed chart and manually colour each stitch in when completed.
Thank you! Sliced bread doesn’t even compare to how great this program [SQ Stitch] is. I have used it for an hour and have already fallen in love with it.
...may I say your patterns and customer service are absolutely the best. There is no one else out there who comes even close.
I must say, after getting it set up on my tablet, SQ Stitch is literally saving me hours already! Whenever I hit a bunch of confetti I spend more time searching for the same symbol than actually stitching. And then even more time trying to fix it because of course I missed one! I cannot thank you enough! This is the best thing ever!
Now that my wife has had the time to work with [SQ Stitch] she is absolutely delighted and cannot believe that it was free. She says her work rate, with the help of the software, has dramatically improved as has the accuracy of her stitching. The software has so many useful options to help the user and is very user friendly.....even l can understand it!
I have the highest regard for your work which is phenomenal. I think you are the best in the craft.
Thank you so much for launching the new stitching app [SQ Stitch]! I think it has literally doubled my stitching speed! No more futile hunting for the next stitch with the same symbol and then discovering to my chagrin that I missed one. What an excellent job you did creating this very thoughtfully designed app. There just are no words to properly thank you for it.
WOW! Your tutorials are very helpful. I stitched many years ago and just begun again with hopes of doing some very large master level projects. Your information is both a good review as well as new ideas. I have read all your tutorials and can say the same of each one.
Just want to let you known that I finished "The Swing" by Fragonard, the complete version and I won all the prizes to be had at the local state fair. It is just beautiful
Your site is the most comprehensive and thorough information on cross stitching to be found ANYWHERE.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I didnt know this technique [pinhead stitch] existed and I will now always use it when making just one or two stitches. This is fantastic!
I've spent several hours going through your tutorials and must say you have the most comprehensive website on cross stitching than any other...hands down!
Kudos to you for your most remarkable service. My chart practically arrived next day!
Oh my ....this works - beautifully [pinhead stitch]! Will never worry about stand alone stitches again. Thanks for graphing this out so clearly.
This tutorial [Using the Floss Calculator] shows an amazing amount of knowledge about the math of floss lengths, and only enhances your reputation (with me, at least) as a premier site.
What a great site ...always learning something new from this site!
You always deliver! It is the best quality AND it is correct!
This is the only site I have ordered from that actually allows you to put your choice of fabric count and get an accurate amount of not just fabric, but floss too!!!!
The tutorial on gridding was exactly what I was looking for, and it was straight forward & helpful. Thanks!
I'm blown away with how much care you have taken with your instructions. Wow! I appreciate how clear you make it.
Yay, I finally found a site that gives clear precise descriptions of questions. I am a beginner and this site is going to bookmarked, and used quite often I am sure. Thank you sooo much.
The best x-stitch charts EVER. Best subjects, best charting, best presentation. I feel like I won the lottery by discovering you guys.
So much valuable information, and such beautiful patterns!
I find myself drifting back to cross stitch after many busy years away and the information I've found at your site has been a great refresher course. I'm anxious to try the free pattern and see how it goes!
I have been looking for charts for years. I absolutely adore doing cross-stitch--- it's very relaxing, and nothing is quite like the feeling of completing a project. But, it doesn't go with the style of my home. I never display my projects. I just don't care much for the finished project. Until finding this website, I was ready to give up. These pieces are absolutely stunning! I could scarcely believe my eyes! I can't wait to start my sample Scarlet Quince rose project, to get a feel for the multi-strand technique. Very very excited!
The tutorials I've found on this page have helped me so much! Thank you!
This [blending] is a wonderful tutorial - very clear and informative. Thank you!
Thank you so much. The gridding tutorial was very helpful. I've never used grid lines before and didn't know how to go about it. Will have to try now that I read this.
The gridding tutorial was great. I have been sewing for 30 yrs. but never knew you could do this.
Thanks for all the time you’ve given me. Such dedication to sharing needle art reaffirms my belief your site is the best place for quality artistic charts.
Oh - thank goodness. I have been waiting for this tutorial [Locating the First Stitch]
I am working on the first pattern I ever bought from Scarlet Quince. I am enjoying the pattern very much. Its very detailed and clear. I have worked patterns before where not all the colors symbols have matching colors listed. Your company is a true find.
Finally! A site that offers cross-stitch products that I actually want to have in my home after I've had the fun of stitching them. I haven't stitched in years because I never wanted the end product. No problem with that here . . . now the problem is choosing what I want to do next.
I am signing up for my wife. She doesn't do much online stuff, but when I found your site I nearly had to pry her away from the computer.
You provide excellent customer service.
Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. That's what I call great customer service.
outstanding service! Unbelievable to know that an order from yourself can be shipped to Great Britain and received by me, before a letter that I have sent 10 miles away! Brilliant service and great prices.
Just received my first packet and I cannot tell you how happy I am with the way you filled my order. Your site is wonderful and SO helpful. The tutorials are packed full of information. Thanks so much.
I love your site! I've never seen a cross stitch site with such a great group of active members, awesome tips and instructions and such beautiful patterns.
What an amazing site, I have learned so much from this site. Thanks you so much. It is well written and easy to follow.
This parking tutorial was wonderful. Although I have been cross stitching for many years, I had never heard of this technique. Thank you so much.
Excellent website-- superbly written, organized, and full of valuable tips. Thank you for all the behind-the-scenes work.
Wow. My mother told me about this site, and I'm so glad she did. Even the Lavender and Lace patterns I'd finally "graduated" to don't have this level of detail and beauty. Wow.
OMG!!! I have been perusing your site for 2 days trying to decide which project to begin FIRST! I am so very impressed with not only your selection, but also the helpful hints and tips you provide. I have been a cross-stitcher for over 35 years and did not know a lot of the information you have provided for free on your website. Thank you from an avid cross-stitcher and art lover.
A really great site! The patterns are amazing and interesting. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting. The tips section is by far the best I've found. To think I've been stitching all these years without ever knowing I could make a grid on my fabric as a guide. That tip along with parking the thread is going to make my next project easier and faster. Thank you so much!
The Scarlet Quince web site has the best cross stitch patterns. I'm really excited to purchase a pattern and get started. I hope you continue to add more and more patterns in the future. Thank you so much for the quality of the pictures, patterns and the whole excellent web site. Wow!!!
Your charts are truly beautiful! I've stiched for years and have never seen the quality that I have found in your designs. The detail is truly amazing. I especially appreciate the choice of an enlarged chart. I can't wait to start stitching "The Lady of Shallot"! The floss labels will certainly be helpful.
I have been cross stitching nearly every day for the last 30 years and have never received such good service.
Love, love, love the site. Most in-depth cross stitching site I have ever come across! Thanks!!
LOVE the tutorials! Been a long time since I cross stitched & seems like I've forgoten some things (& there were somethings I didn't know in the 1st place).
Wonderful tips to help everyone from novice to advanced stitchers. Whenever I have a question I always come here first!
Your site is just amazing. I have spent hours exploring and learning. Just started Seurat's Sunday Afternoon. I have cross-stitched for over 30 years, nothing has excited me the way your pattern did. Floss card labels are genius, not sure I would have wanted to tackle something so large and complex without them.
I have bought and finished a number of your pieces and have been very happy with them. I'm almost finished 'The Young Botanist', so it's time to order another one!
Thank you so much for your quick reply! ... this is the first pattern I have ever stitched that came with its own helpline. ;) Thank you so much for such wonderful customer service.
Tips section is great, loads of valuable info. Also so many awesome, beautiful projects to choose from. Thanks for such a wonderful and enlightening website!
I love your site. I enjoy your patterns. Thank you for such perfect service.
I'm in the middle of The Sistine Madonna and I love it. It's my first Scarlet Quince pattern - highly satisfied, will buy my next project from this site as well.
I have won six Blue Ribbons on six consecutive years with your patterns. Last one by Jan van Eycke on the Wedding at Arnolfini. The judge's comment was "amazing"
Bravo! Thank you so much for providing the pinhead stitch diagrams for beginning and ending threads! Online tutorial videos are great except when you are sitting in your favorite stitching chair away from your computer screen!
This will be my fifth pattern I've purchased! You are the best!
The alphabets are great! I have been looking for alphabet patterns suitable for stitching a family poem--and have only found ones that are too cutesy or too difficult to read. Thanks so much!!
Can't thank you enough for all of your tutorials-what a wonderful wealth of information! Also, many thanks for the alphabets you've provided. I can't tell you how many projects of mine over the years went unsigned because I could not find a suitable alphabet. Scarlet Quince is by far, the single best cross stitch & needlework site to be found. Keep up the good work!
The alphabet charts to use for signing a cross stitch piece were most helpful. Thanks so much for making them available.
Absolutely fabulous website - the best for stitching that I've ever seen! I just ordered two patterns and I'm thoroughly enjoying your tips and education offerings!
I just finished God Speed (literally did my final stitches last night). I cannot tell you the pleasure this project has provided me. It has taken a full three years and three months to finish (sometimes I'm not as diligent as I should) but the finished product is amazing. I have more compliments from friends on the progress of my work and none of them could believe it was sewn the detail is truly spectacular.
You are a great company -- I have been so impressed with all of your patterns, etc -- beautiful work and great customer service.
I'm presently working Heade's hummingbird and orchid pattern ... it is absolutely beautiful.
From the United States to rural Australia in 7 days - wonderful service!! The charts are excellent too, so easy to follow, thank you so much.
I have finally found a place with patterns that I adore, it is so lovely to see the older painting being converted into cross stitch. Thanks you so much, can't wait to get started, I haven't stitched for 4 years because I couldn't find the patterns that moved me, but now I have no excuse.
This is really the first time I've ever seen or read a description of parking that makes complete sense! Thank you so very much. I've been stitching for years and this is the very first illustration and explaination I've understood!
I cannot believe the help and instructions on your website - much of which I have never been told.
All of your tutorials are excellent!!! I have cross stitched for 25 years and never knew the right way (pinhead stitch) to anchor one stitch. Thanks so much!!
I have been fighting the orphans in my fractal and had no clue how to get them in without their looking totally amateur and messy. This pinhead stitch is an incredible tip. I'm going to read it and memorize it and use it today.
Everything on your website is so helpful; the tutorials are so easy to follow.
I appreciate the thought someone has put into making the patterns user-friendly. Your wide selection of subjects is impressive.
I have bought a pattern from each of two other companies before finding you, and I have decided not to do them because it's clear to me from looking at them that yours are better in every way. We invest so much time in these pieces that it's a shame not to buy the best. The labels are genius, and the legend on each page is indispensible.
Thank you so much. Tutorials are easy to understand. Will recommend this site to other stitchers.
I have looked everywhere for help with the difficult chart I am stitching!! I finally found it here! Thanks so much! Great explanation with very clear instructions!!
Your site is so filled with good advice and tips.
The pinhead stitch tutorial is so clear, and way beyond helpful. I have never seen this even mentioned, let alone explained. Excellent diagrams, I can do this myself instead of having to have someone sit down with me and show me how it works. It usually doesn't work that way!
I enjoy the Scarlet Quince site so much: the constant additions of new patterns, the excellent tutorials on a wide variety of subjects, the Photo Gallery and your "Ramblings" all make the site a fun place to visit. I've purchased several Scarlet Quince patterns (with floss labels -- extremely helpful!) and I enjoy the anticipation of working on them as much as the stitching itself.
I am doing The Promise now on 18 ct. with 24 needle. I am doing the English style. I started on the top left and follow through till the end of the row. (Just like I was reading a book) Then I start on row 2 top left and continue. This is working very well for me. Always before Scarlet Quince I have skipped around. My stitches are much more even now. Once I get a stitch done (before the next one) it is forgotten. I am glad you taught me how to park. The biggest help I have gotten from you (I have cross stitched for 15 years) is to use a needle for each thread. I use Q snaps. (I really like my fabric tight.) You have been such a great help to me and I really thank you. I am on row 77 of the Promise.
Many thanks for your site. I had become quite bored with the standard cross-stitch patterns available (I consider there to be 4 basic categories: country/folk art, cute animals, inspirational, and floral). Your wonderful patterns and the ability to work on something other than the big 4 listed above just excites me to no end. The biggest problem I have is deciding which piece to do next!
I have found these tips and tutorials EXTREMELY helpful. Thanks for all of this information.
I have many cross stitch books but none of them explained, "How To Cross Stitch" as well as you have. I have been reluctant to start a large cross stitch project because I was not sure how to get started. Your instructions have made it easier for me to get started.
THANK YOU for creating such a unique and exciting product. The quality is amazing.
I am a low vision therapist and was thrilled to see the availability of large print patterns.
Received my order and am so excited by your beautiful products. Don't know which to start first.
My first SQ project arrived Friday (Cafe Terrace by Night - Van Gogh). The chart is extraordinarily well composed. Already I see evidence of the painting before I have even started. I didn't buy the labels but will go back and order them. They are an invaluable tool.
I found your site when Googling for tips on parking, and have been browsing most of the day. What a treasure-trove!
This is a wonderful collection of tips, thank you so much for going to the trouble of making a list like this. I will be sending this to my sister and niece also. I just started back to cross stitch after 30 years and had not done to much then. I am so addicted now that I can hardly wait to get home from work. Again thank you and you answered some questions and opened my eyes to things I had no idea to do.
I am working on the Creation of Adam (full version). The color combinations are wonderful and I hate to stop at the end of the day. I already have a wall in my house reserved for when I am done. Thank you for having such wonderful patterns.
This was my first experience ordering from you and working on such a complicated, and beautiful pattern. I have already ordered my next piece (Earth From Space) and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. The large print pattern and other tips from your website make interesting patterns achievable to neophytes like me (This was my fourth project ever).
Love, love, love your website, getting oodles of ideas and help.
The floss lasso is very useful - thank you! With the complexity of some areas on patterms, this will make a huge difference and allow much easier stitching in those areas. Not to mention a much neater finished product. Thank you so much.
THANK YOU! The parking tutorial was the perfect pictoral demo and I followed it very easily. I'm working on my first 'carpet' stitching project. This method will make it soooo much easier for me. EXCELLENT!
Can I just compliment you on the way you have done the symbols/numbers on your information sheet, cross referenced. I have never seen that done before and it will be so useful.
Refreshed my memory with all the good hints. Easy to read and mostly easy to understand. Thank you for the Bobbin pattern. We never seem to have enough.
Wow, your site contains more useful 'how to' information than any site or book or ANYTHING I've seen before! Great job!
Thanks ever so much for your help and I will tell all my cross-stitching friends what a wonderful site you have and that you have the best advice of all.
I have received the pattern and I'm very pleased by your service and the pattern is exceptional.
I received my pattern yesterday and am so thrilled with it! I as SO glad that I found your website!
I am very impressed with your website, your fast and wonderful service, and I love, love, love to read the "Solutions" section and the "Forums". The Forums keep me entertained during my lunch hour at work.
I just had to order Sargent’s Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose...I was quite surprised and delighted to find it in my mailbox the next day! What exceptional customer service! I couldn’t wait to get started and I have enjoyed seeing the beginnings of a beloved work of art take shape.
You have enriched my life by creating worthwhile patterns!
My order arrived today. I´ve been looking carefully at it, and I want you to know that I find it is beautifully prepared. Thank you very much. I´m sure to have a good time for a little while!!!!
I just have to say I LOVE your designs. I'm currently working on Monet's "Church at Vernon" and it is turning out to be absolutely gorgeous.
Received today, talk about fast as a speeding bullet! They look wonderful... I also appreciate you making available floss labels and large format option. It is actually large. I have been disappointed from other sources ordering their "large" and getting microscopic.
At the moment I'm working on your chart Nova Orbis Tabula, which is giving me so much pleasure - it's an absolute delight. I love all the detail - it's an extremely rewarding piece.
Thank you for these superb patterns and for your excellent service!
I am stitching Klimt's "Farm Garden with Sunflowers" that I purchased from you and I love the quality of the pattern and the floss stickers are great. Keep up the wonderful job!
I just must let you know how delighted I am with the 'Floss Lasso' anchoring technique! It has made work so much easier especially with the single stitches that one misses, and has to go back to insert only one stitch! I am working the Gerard van Spaendonck Still Life of flowers, and yes, the back was pretty difficult to start an odd stitch! Now, it's a piece of cake, most satisfactory!!!
I have just read your whole tips section and was absolutely amazed at what I was reading. I have been doing cross stitch for 30 years and pride myself on my work but I learned a lot. I have worked several patterns that use blended colors but your suggestions are even more helpful.
I have only recently found your site, and encouraged by such beautiful designs, decided to order 2 patterns very recently. Imagine my surprise and delight to find them in the mail box already...I am so excited, I can't wait to start stitching! The patterns look very professional and easy to use and the spiral binding is a great asset. Thank you again Scarlet Quince from a new customer in Australia.
Your newsletter is always inspiring. Inspiring to speed up and finish my actual projects and .... inspiring to dream of the next project!
Thank you Scarlet Quince for the floss lasso lesson. Highly successful and makes beginnings so much easier.
I have been doing cross stitch for more than 20 years. Your chart, which I received just 3 days after I ordered it, is the most well-organized, thought out, and easy to read pattern that I have ever seen. You sort the threads several different ways: by symbol and by DMC number. How clever! Thank you for an outstanding product and extraordinary service.
Thank you for that very, very prompt and informative response--typical of the quality of your site.
I love your patterns. I have completed two of them and even my friends who stitch thought they were paintings!
I am currently working on Jacob and Rachael, the richness of the figures and background is breath taking, worth my time and effort.
I'd like to thank for your free pattern I had received yesterday. I can't wait to start! Your large print is so much easier on my eyes.
I received The Last Supper a few days ago (super shipping BTW and I must expound on the kudos you get in your comment section - the graph is FABULOUS and I love that you ring it so it lays flat).
I just received my first pattern from Scarlet Quince and I have to tell you what a lovely, breathtaking picture it is! I can't wait to start stitching.
I am completely enamored with your patterns, their intricacy, and the level of care you take to make them. I consider xstitching art and have grown tired of the cutesy patterns with an alphabet sampler. I want some real art, and you've provided that!
Thank you so much. I love your website. It is so easy to navigate and has so many more features than any other cross stitch website I have tried; not to mention your absolutely gorgeous cross stitch/needlepoint categories and selections. I, like many of your customers, have been so disappointed in the subject matter and charts available in magazines and on the web. I found your site through the top hundred cross stitch site, and I am so very glad that I did...What a great service you have created for those of us who want more to show for the time and painstaking work we have devoted to each project.
Thank you for your prompt service...Chart arrived in perfect condition.
I love cross stitching and this is a fantastic site!! I am ready to pick my next piece and I look forward to picking one from your site - I am very impressed. Particularly with the option of having the pattern printed in larger text, that will save me the trouble at the photocopier!
I just wanted to say BRAVO!!! Finally patterns with detail without all the 1/2 1/4 stitches that i absolutely hate doing. I just ordered my first pattern and can't wait for it to come.
I'm very happy I found your website, because you have the most beautiful patterns I've ever seen anywhere, and I'm sure they are of high quality. And it was quite easy to order and pay the pattern.
I have enjoyed your website very much and love your patterns, especially your pattern booklets - so much easier to work with while stitching, I don't have to worry about keeping the pages together.
I truly appreciate the fact that you offer your charts in both regular size as well as enlarged. Thank you so much for this option. It should be a great help for those of us whose eyesight isn't quite what it used to be.
Order received yesterday and delighted with it. Thank you for your service and I have found your 'tips' page extremely helpful.
I just want you to know how impressed I am with your product and website. I purchased the Lady of Shallott design about a year ago. I am amazed by the blending of so many colors and the way the piece has that painted look about it. I know this project will take me sometime but in a way that is OK. The only problem is that I wish I had more hours in the day so I could work some of your other patterns. Thanks for the quality you put in your product. I can’t wait to finish so I can start my next project. To me there is now only one source for cross stitch and that is Scarlet Quince.
I just tried using two of your tips on the weekend. The pinhead stitch is wonderful especially since I am doing a rather large chart - Lady with Unicorn - Sense of Taste. This has many colour changes and this stitch really helps. Also marking off all one colour in yellow highlighter then a darker colour on top really speeds things up and it is much easier on the eyes, not searching for the next symbol of the colour.
I am so grateful that you have placed the practical advice and images on your site as they have been immensely useful. I now believe I can make a much better job of what I have been fumbling my way through. THANKS!!
I must tell you that the service I just received from Scarlet Quince is by far the most speedy and efficient I have ever experienced! I placed the order on Saturday morning from the Central Oregon Coast and it arrived in my mailbox today - Monday! Wow, Wow and more Wow!!! I am thrilled with the product and can hardly wait to get started!
The pictures, tips and solutions are so good, that people who did little or no cross stitch, will start doing it.The booklets are easy to work with and your service is great!
Last Saturday I ordered my first Scarlet Quince pattern online. I forgot the floss labels and emailed back later that day requesting them. I was delighted to receive both the pattern and labels today, Monday. This is the fastest cross-stitch internet service I have ever encountered!
In case no one has told you, these "pictures" are beautiful! Thank you for making them available. I LOVE working this embroidery!
Thanks so much for hours of stitching with such beautiful results. I love seeing the picture come alive as I stitch.
Very many thanks for the two cross stitch charts which arrived today. I am absolutely delighted with them and can't wait to get started.
I have not completed much of the large Lady With a Fan, but I am already very impressed with the quality of the effect produced by the subtle color changes.
I have just ordered and received (within 1 week) my first Scarlet Quince pattern. Superb and speedy service. The pattern is magnificently printed and bound. I am anticipating a long happy relationship with my canvas!
I received my pattern today and I can't wait to start! Your large print is so much easier on the eyes.
[Take the Fair Face of Woman] is a stunning pattern. I have never seen another company that was able to do justice to this pattern, but you did an absolutely beautiful job.
I'm stitching my first pattern of yours -- the barrel cactus. I'm a slow stitcher but I'm happy with my progress and the pattern has been very easy to use so far.
This is the most wonderful resource for cross-stitch that I've come across in a long time.
I wish all companies would be as customer-oriented as you are........ wow! They could take a lesson! Way to go!
I just wanted to take a minute and thank you! I placed my order on the 4th and received my order today (the 9th). I am very pleased with my purchase as well as your outstanding and prompt service. I will be ordering from your company in the future.
I am currently stitching "Still Life Of Flowers In A Basket by an Alabaster Urn on a Marble Pedestal" by Gerard Van Spaendonck and I absolutely love how it is turning out.
This is a brilliant site! I've been looking for cross stitch patterns of famous paintings and such, but none of the local stores seem to carry anything beyond flowers and fairies and general kitch. I'm so glad to have found your site! Thanks!
My friends and I are delighted with your web site and your quick response delivering our orders. Keep up the good work!
Many, many thanks. Such brilliant service. It's a pity more businesses are not as good as yours.
I love that you offer patterns with larger print. I REALLY need that and I very much appreciate that particular service.
Great site, beautiful patterns. Great tips for a beginning MALE cross stitcher.
I just got my first charts from you in the mail! You weren't kidding when you say you go the extra mile! They are beautiful! I can't wait to get started! I will definitely be ordering more in the future.
I received my order yesterday--WOW! I am duly impressed with the efficiency and speed with which it arrived. I will definitely order again and again. Thanks.
I have just received my first two SQ patterns and am very impressed by the presentation. Also, despite having stitched for several years, I have found the information section on your website very helpful.
This is the most exciting site I've seen for many of the crafts I enjoy. You've turned cross-stitch into an art form that, when finished, I'm proud to display. I found your site the first time looking for any kind of Egyptian pattern. Not only were you the only site with anything worth my time and effort but, much to my delight, a stunningly true rendition of Tutankhaman's funeral mask. What a challenge. Even though old Tut is only about 1/3 complete, I now have 3 of your patterns on my Christmas list.
This is an absolutely awesome web site. I can't wait to buy and stitch some of the patterns I've viewed.
My first time to actually find an embroidery web site which cater to embroiderers and stitchers.
Oh, my goodness, I just opened my envelope and gasped at the professional and awe-inspiring chart !! I have been cross-stitching since 1980, and haven't been able to find quailty charts for Catholic art. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait to assemble my supplies and begin, not to mention to finish my beautiful portrait of Our Lady to proudly display over my mantel.
Thank you for all the trouble that you take about the patterns. It is indeed a delight and a feast for the eyes.
I have received the cross-stitch pattern Autrefois - Emile Munier and it is beautiful! I can hardly wait to get started on it. Thank you for your wonderful service, and especially for the absolutely beautiful designs.
I gave up cross stitching many years ago because I could not find any patterns that were not cutesy, country or just not worth the time to stitch. I was ... hunting for patterns to do "one more project" when I found your site. I cannot believe it! Finally a reason to actually stitch again. Finally something with challenge and beauty that is worth the time and effort. Thank you!
Just a note to say thank you for my Ophelia chart which arrived safely today - amazingly fast shipping time! I am absolutely delighted with it. The way the chart is presented is superb, I especially like the way the darker symbols correspond to the darker colours, making the chart very clear to follow.
I ordered "Stitching the Standard" and received it quickly. I sat down one Saturday afternoon and blended colors so that I could get started. I've been working on it for about a week and will take a picture of it after one month has passed so that I can show you my progress! I decided today that I was also going to start bringing it to work so that I can work on it during my lunch hour as well as in the evenings! I am extremely pleased with your website and your products -- and especially your tips ! I'm already planning on my next order !
The patterns are a joy as I get the large one and it's so easy to read! Thank you for making our lives so beautiful!
Your patterns are exquisite! And your shipping is lightning fast!
love your charts. Keep up the good work. As I have perfected my craft I have found most charts too "cutesy" or boring. The complexity of your charts just makes me want to cross stitch that much faster to complete a project. Again, your quick response to ordering your products is quick and is greatly appreciated.
I just happened to find your site today. WOW!!! Just what I have been looking for. I have been cross stitching for 15 yrs and these kind of patterns are very hard to find. I like to do 32 count and some of them I like to do over 1 as opposed to over 2. I really like your site and all the info contained here. Keep up the good work.
May I compliment you on an amazing service! I ordered on the 29th it shipped the 30th and I had it the 31st! The pattern is wonderful and I am so glad I ordered it and am anxious to get started.
Love your newsletter!
I have been to many cross stitch sites, and your designs are awesome. I have never seen such beautiful work of art. I know there will not be another website with designs like this one. This will be my No. 1 cross stitch website. Thanks for such beautiful designs.
Have purchased some patterns from your company and have been very pleased with the quality.
I'm really glad that I found your website. It's great to finally be able to stitch something that I would actually like to hang on my wall. All the other patterns out there are a bit too cute for my taste. The products you offer are absolutely beautiful.
I've been working on Goodes's "Fishbowl Fantasy" for over a year now. I must say I haven't gone at it as I sometimes do, or I would be further along.'s going to be the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen. I can't imagine how these things are charted, but, as you promise, the resulting piece is soooooo lifelike.
I discovered your site while researching cross-stitch sites to help me with a project. I absolutely LOVE the quality of your product, it looks amazing, and your website is very professional! I have already shared your site with many of my friends!
I received the pattern in the mail yesterday and I can't wait to buy enough floss to get started. The pattern is going to be easy to stitch from as you have it organized so well and I like the idea of holding only one page at a time while I'm trying to stitch.
I like what you've done to the tips section. It's very clear and concise and I see that new sections are being worked on. Your patterns invite the need for advice from the more experienced stitchers and I, for one, appreciate each and every tip!
Finally! These are the patterns I've been searching for! No more "Bless this mess" or little froggies reading for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
The tips page is wonderful.
Your designs are true masterpieces! I have never seen anything like them before. I actually haven't stitched in quite awhile because most of the designs out there are just too simplistic for the amount of time that goes into stitching a picture. Keep up the wonderful work!
The patterns have just arrived and I am absolutely delighted - they are wonderful and I am really impressed with how you produce them.
I just love your website. It is so easy to navigate around and I got alot of helpful hints and solutions just by reading thru your customers comments.
I immediately added your site to my Favorites. The beautifully detailed projects are breathtaking and I was amazed at the fabric calulator that show the finished work! WOW! Takes all the guess work out. This is the best stitching website I have ever been to. I am glad to be a member!
I love your patterns. It is quite refreshing to see patterns that are of museum quality works of art that I would love to display in my home. Thank you!
This is my first time working with thread combinations. And the result is really amazing. Now I understand why your patterns are special.
Your website is so neat. Easy to use. I crosstitch a lot. I was so amazed to see the finished product from your costumer that is so close to the painting itself.
I love your charts, so detailed and worth completing. I love the challenge of doing detailed work and appreciate having something beautiful once the hours have been spent. Quality in, quality out.
Cool fabric calculator, helps me to save on fabric.
I LOVE your patterns and site!! I am an old cross stitcher who hasn't for many years...omg these are NOT your mama's cross stitch patterns!! How fun!!!! Thank you!
I was at the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival in Toronto, Canada this weekend and I could not resist buying "The Meeting on the Turret Stairs". I was so pleased with the pattern layout that I went back the next day and purchased "The Lady of Shalott".
I have received my order this morning, thank you for sending it so quickly. I am very pleased with the quality of the charts and the presentation.
I just recieved the chart : ). Thank you for a very fast delivery.
I have purchased two patterns from you in the past year and I am very, very pleased with them. I have completed one project - Munier's The New Pets and it is simply beautiful.
I am just so excited about the whole process. You all at Scarlet Quince make my sewing experience a great one! Your support is wonderful!
I received my order, Stitching the Standard. Thank you for such prompt delivery. I can hardly wait to start on this lovely project.
Just wanted to let you know the chart (Nova Orbis Tabula) I ordered from you arrived here last week, in perfect condition. I really like the pattern. I have long wanted to do an antique map, and could never find a chart I liked.
I received my pattern today. I especially like the large print. Thank you.
Your site is a true inspiration. On days when I don't feel like stitching I visit your site to be inspired. Needleworkers of old would truly be proud of what you have to offer.
What amazing and exquisite patterns you offer. Your patterns are enough to inspire and send me back to cross-stitching after years of abstinence.
Thank you for the larger size patterns. Now I won't have to take them and have them enlarged. Saves me quite a bit of time and frustration.
You are definitely tops not only in X-stitch site but also in response.
I love your site! The finished pieces are gorgeous and very motivational!
Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient service. The pattern is very impressive and well presented.
Thank you so much for your prompt reply -- What wonderful individual attention you give your customers! I will be eagerly watching my mailbox and waiting for my package. Thank you again - it is so refreshing to find a company like yours.
This is a gorgeous shop. The paintings that you have chosen to chart are just exquisite and your prices are very reasonable. Thank you so much for this wonderful feast for the eyes.
Your patterns are so beautiful. It's so nice knowing how much floss I need, and the patterns are so easy to read.
I am sending you my 2nd progress picture of The Lady and the Unicorn. I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying stitching this project. It is so beautiful and your pattern has been absolutely true to the picture.
I absolutely love your site! The patterns are beautiful and it's so refreshing to know that there are none of the 1/4 or 1/2 stitch gimmicks!!!! Thank you.
Beautiful patterns and reasonably priced! Thank you.
I cannot wait to get started on The Accolade! It is breathtaking! Plus, I know when I am finished stitching it, I will have an heirloom which my sons will be proud to display in their homes until it is time to hand it down to their children.
I wanted to let you know I received my order on Sat. I am extremely pleased with the prompt delivery and the quality of the charts. I will be ordering more.
I'm so glad this sort of thing exists. If I hadn't found this site I'd be buying a worse pattern for much more money.
The main thing ... is the price of your wonderful designs. I can buy something from you at a price that makes it feasible ... I shall certainly buy from you again.
What a beautiful site! Finally, beautiful patterns to suit every taste...
Great site! I had completely lost interest in crosstitch about 10 years ago, primarily because of the lack of quality patterns that were beautiful, large and very detailed. Store after store was just the same old thing - boring. I'm so glad I got the 'bug' again and found your site - now there's more pieces I want to do than I'll have enough lifetime to do them!! It feels good to feel the excitement of starting a new piece again.
Oh, my gosh, what incredible detail. I bought three patterns and can't decide which one to start. Thanks.
Thank you so much for your prompt response. It is good to know that Scarlet Quince is a company that cares about its customers and its products.
I enjoy your patterns so much - am currently about 1/3 of the way through 'Main Street, Murnau' and am very much enjoying it.
Your works are very beautiful. I love the rich colours. It's like real pieces of art.
I find the chart very practical and clear, I like the binder format instead of a gigantic chart which you have to fold and unfold each time you use it.
I have just finished "Young Girls at the Piano" and it was all I hoped it would be and more.
What a treasure I just found while searching for a cross stitch site. I am sitting here in awe as I view your beautiful patterns and can't wait to choose one and wait for it's delivery. I never knew such beautiful patterns could be purchased. Thank you!
Thank you so much for my order. It arrived safe and sound in yesterday's post. I was impressed with the way the booklet is presented, I have not seen that before. I personally love the design and the colours will go extremely well with our décor.
Thank you for sending the floss requirements for my pattern, I can't wait to get started.
I am so glad I have found this web site! Finding beautiful cross stitch patterns is difficult these days. I can't wait to finish my current project and purchase a pattern from you!
Thank you for your prompt mailing of my patterns. My heart skipped a beat when I saw them in the mail. I'm so excited to get started on my new projects. Thank you again for your terrific web site and prompt service.
I have been delighted with working on the pattern I ordered from you entitled The Bunch of Lilacs.
This was my first order from Scarlet Quince. I'm very impressed. The order was shipped on the day I ordered it and I received it just a few days after that. The patterns are wonderful and I'm really looking forward to starting one of them very soon.
Thanks for your quick service. I wish that I had found your site a long time ago. I am looking forward to starting the project.
Thanks for all of your help. Your company has some of the best service I've experienced. (And the patterns are gorgeous too!)
Thankyou very much for the very fast delivery of my beautiful chart to the UI, I just cant wait to stitch it, and i have been really impressed with your customer service and I'm sure I will be back again very soon. I have been stitching for 10 years and wanted something a bit more interesting and challenging, your site fits the bill so well. Many many thanks.
Your site appears to be exactly what I have been looking for. Patterns that "Say" something, not whimsy little things.
I think Scarlet Quince is the best of all cross stitch sites, because your service is very fast, quality of your products is very good and you examine all our orders closely.
I purchased Ipuy and his Wife and have started working on it. My complements to whoever did the design. The other evening while watching a television program on ancient Egypt, they were showing scenes inside tombs and I recognized some of the hieographs as the same ones as on my pattern, also the chairs that the people are sitting on as the same design as the pattern. The woman figure was also very similar to one on the tomb wall.. I hadn't realize the pattern was so true to the actual thing.
I am speechless! I'm a 36 year old man who learned to cross stitch from my mom and grandfather, who both loved the craft. I have been looking for years for fine-detailed patterns for cross stitching and have not found much at all, until I found this website (by accident, even!) - I'll br purchasing my first pattern this evening. I'm sure I'll be back often.
I have just finished cross stitching the Still Life of Flowers and Fruit I. I stitched it on 14 count material and although it came out to being a large picture measuring about 37" X 27" it is beautiful. It also took much more thread of course and 10 months working on it several hours a day. I enjoyed that project far more than any I have ever done. You have beautiful patterns and I look forward to getting into the next one.
I absolutely love the way you do your graphs. They are easy to read and understand.
I love to look at all cross stitch patterns found on the internet - and your site definitely earns the right to state "the Fine Art" of cross stitch. Absolutely Beautiful - I will look forward to working on your patterns. Thanks!
I have just ordered for the first time from your company and am very pleased with the variety of beautiful patterns that you offer.
This is wonderful. I have been looking for patterns that were beautiful and challenging. I am not interested in projects that I can complete in one evening or over the weekend--LOL. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Your site was recommended by other stitchers, who only raved about the quality of your work. I agree!
I enjoyed stitching the Monet so much I've offered to do another as a niece's wedding gift. She has yet to choose her favorite fine art piece but I am hoping she chooses something from your site. I've told her how thrilled I am with your designs and the amount of color choices you offer.
Finally!.. Patterns worth the time it takes to stitch them. And no back stitching or metalics!....Yea.....
Thanks for making such beautiful patterns that are so easy to follow.
I am nearing completion of your free pattern and am extremely impressed with the quality and detail of your charts.
I just wanted to let you know how quickly my order came. It arrived Wednesday, Nov 24th, just two days after I placed the order. Really in just two days. And it was complete and in perfect condition. That's great service. Thank you so much.
When I came across your site I could not believe my eyes. Masterpieces of the art world, that could be stitched without 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and other such stitches. I was so excited I bought several. I could have easily gone wild ordering charts but I limited myself to four this time around.
I will continue to order from Scarlet Ouince, and will share the information with my friends who stitch as well. I also wanted to thank you for speedy manner in which I received my order and thank you for the "Merry Old Santa Claus" you enclosed with my order.
I love getting your e-mails with the new patterns. You are doing a great service.
Your prices are wonderful and patterns georgeous. What a joy to find your website!
Thank you for my order which I received in yesterday's mail. Such swift delivery. I love the pattern.
Finally, beauty worth the time expended!
I received my pattern today and I wanted to let you know I am very impressed. I have been cross stitching for many years so therefore I have many patterns. The pattern I received from you is so well put together and I especially liked that it is bound together.
I love the designs you have. They are so georgous AND best thing no back stitching etc... Love it!
Just wanted to say what a fabulous site Scarlet Quince is. Your patterns are classic and challenging -- not the ghastly twee/country look that I detest! Your service is amazing, took only 5 days for the patterns to get to me in Australia!
I have received my order and I am very excited to get started. The pattern I bought was Corbeille de Fleurs by Joseph Nigg. I absolutely love it. I think you did an excellent job of getting the order to me. And I love the way you present the pattern. I am very happy that I found your website. I will definitely let others know. Thank you, A new and very satisfied customer
I received the patterns that I had ordered within four days and that was the first pleasant shock. The second came when I started to stitch "The Bunch of Lilacs". I started in the upper left corner and I find myself stopping and admiring the stitches. This is the first time that I have worked with blended threads and I'm simply overwhelmed by the gorgeous shading that is achieved. I have heard the expression..."painting with threads" and for the first time I can understand what it means. Keep up the good work and keep those patterns coming.
Thanks - I received my patterns very quickly and am delighted with them. I can't wait to get started.
I am working on the Lady of Shalott and get shivers every time I look at the picture. Thank you for a wonderful site.
Our company took part in The Needlework Show last month. We purchased several of your chart packages at that show. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed we are with the quality of your packages - beautifully presented in the booklet form and the charts are so easy to read. Thank you.
Your service was unbelievable! I ordered on Sunday and the pattern arrived on Wednesday.
I now have page 1 [of On The Cache La Poudre] completed, and I must report it is just exactly as you said it would be. It is gorgeous. Thank you so much for the helpful e-mail you sent me ... it is exactly like the picture and will look even better the further I go. Adding the lighter "sky" in the middle will make it brighter. If only I had the other pages worked so I could frame it!
Your site is the best I have seen ... the variety is wonderful and your site is so easy to use.
I have been cross stitching for more years than I care to remember and never found a pattern that was detailed (and complicated) enough to make me happy. I have completed more than half of Joseph Nigg's La Corbeille des Fleurs and it is just gorgeous. Using the blended colors makes it so detailed it does look like an oil painting. Sure is much more than a craft store has to offer. Thank you for such a beautiful pattern.
This is a most beautiful site! The art here alone is worth a visit. When you combine that with the apparent talents here the site is a must see!
I am impressed by your detailed instructions! They look so simple to follow. The art work is lovely and I am really excited to get started soon.
I'm very impressed with the quality and clarity of your patterns. I've always wanted "Masters" hanging on my walls, and now I can. And they don't look like a needlepoint junkie trying to make something nice. Thank you for your great selection.
I like your "Solutions" section, which answers all my questions. Good Job!
My passion is counted cross stitch and I am thrilled to finally find a site where the patterns are worthy of my time and effort.
Your website is a joy to visit. Praises to all involved for making it organized, easy to use, uncluttered and beautiful to view. Also, thanks for the most beautiful cross stitch on the internet and encouraging Customers to tell you what they want.
My daughter ordered the Van Gogh's 'cafe' on Saturday,and it arrived here on Monday. This must be some kind of record. I don't even get things delivered locally so quickly. My daughter hasn't seen the chart yet as she lives and works 80 miles away, but I have e-mailed her and 'phoned her as well to say that it looks great, so I think when she comes through in February, it is going to be her next project. Thank you for your efficiency and I may be tempted myself to order, once I clear my on-going work.
I made some back to back purchases. I am very well pleased. I am currently stitching the Vase of Flowers by Antonio Ponce. It is what I call true poetry on canvas.
Finally, a site with REAL cross stitch patterns!! Thank you!
I've been stitching for many years now and have reached a point where I am disappointed with the results. Your patterns look wonderful.
Wow! I am just in the middle of my very first cross stitch project, but I can't wait to try one of yours. I didn't know anything like this was available!
I ordered "The Keepsake" and am looking forward to getting started on it ... your website is amazing, and I always look forward to seeing the new additions!
These pictures are works of art and would be a joy to stitch and to own the finished picture.
Scarlet Quince has more that I would like to have. I'm glad I found your website, and I love the detail and subject matter of your patterns.
Thanks for an excellent site and service!
I've just received my chart from you and am delighted at the quality of the product. Clear, precise, no way can I muddle this one!
Wow! I love the quality of what I'm seeing.
The selection of patterns is wonderful.
Your patterens are true works of art. I hope that I will someday be able to create such masterpieces.
I am really impressed with your efficiency and your great site.
I like your approach to cross-stitches as art. I haven't had a lot of luck finding patterns i would really like to crosss stitich, and your designs happily surprise me.
--very much enjoy viewing the beautiful patterns; they look like painting and I like how you use the many shades of color to achieve the beautiful results.
Finally - this is what I am looking for; real pictures! Now all I have to do is decide what to order first!
I have been cross stitching for about 3 years. I really enjoy the proccess from nothing to a wonderful picture. Thank You.
I received your package this afternoon. I must say that I am very pleased with the time element involved. EXCELLENT SERVICE.
I love how realistic the patterns turn out.
Thank you so much for such prompt service!
I am working your free Redoute rose design currently as an eightieth birthday gift for my wife's aunt. The chart is certainly challenging, but worth the effort-- the finished product will be breathtaking!
I just received my chart for J. Nigg's "La corbeille des fleurs" and am delighted with my purchase. I just wanted to tell you why I chose your company over a few others. I have found the same chart on another website; however, upon closer examination, I discovered that your chart contained more colours. I find that to be important because the final result will be more vivid and professional-looking. Thanks again and keep on charting - I'll be back again.
I have to say that I truly appreciate the thought that goes into your patterns. When compared to other sites, I've found that your patterns are richer in color, and the stitch count is more appropriate to the amount of detail.
I was never a fan needle work, but I changed my mind when I found your site. I've just started "The Accolade", and I'm already looking at a few other pieces that I'd like to do. I believe that these are pieces of art that can be passed on to my children.
It's really useful having the number of skeins of each thread you need so you can get organised up front.
Just a note to thank you for such incredible service. I put my order in with you on Friday and my chart arrived this morning - and it was a public holiday here in the UK on Monday! That's definitely quicker delivery than things I've ordered from within the UK!
I want to thank you VERY MUCH for your website. I love doing cross-stitch, but I don't like most of the patterns that are available in craft stores. I love your complex and beautiful patterns, and the fact that you do not use metallic threads. Also, I enjoy traditional cross-stitching, rather than the printed fabric that you only partially fill in. Thank you VERY much again!
I can never go back to "ordinary" patterns, now I have seen what you have to offer.
Fantastic website - have just seen a friend's cross stitch the likes of which I have never seen before. Absolutely beautiful! Will be ordering soon when my mind is made up.
These are without a doubt the most beautiful patterns I have seen. I look forward to some wonderful stitching. I will pass this site on to my friends.
Beautiful patterns! Beautiful site, easy to navigate and very well laid out!
I love your site! I find most patterns on sale country-cutesy (yuk) and I go for the classic look. I love the classic artists and this is a gold-mine! Thank you!
I received my order on Thurs and have been busy checking floss, fabric, etc. Hopefully, I can have a happy and not too long relationship stitching the design. I will certainly send you a picture of the completed project - maybe in a year!
I am still working on Young Girls at the Piano by Pierre Auguste Renoir and it is coming along great. I have about 23,000 of the 84,250 stitches completed.
This is the best cross stitch pattern site on the web. I ordered a pattern and was amazed by how quickly it arrived. I can't wait to start.
I have been looking for cross stitch reproductions of fine artwork but have not found much to my liking before today. Now I have to decide what to order from you, a wonderful dilemma, I assure you.
I am sooooo glad I chanced upon your website. I prefer complicated patterns that take my time and not the cutesy, frilly patterns that are available in the stores. They're a waste of my time. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love the artists renditions.
I have never seen cross-stitch that looked like this! It is undescribable!! Gorgeous, absolutely lifelike! Thank you for making something so beautiful.
Very impressed with your designs! I love paintings but cannot paint, now I know I can stitch paintings instead - it's Great!!!
I love this site. I have not had this much fun since I started crossing many moons ago. Thanks so much for inspiration beyond belief.
Your website is very easy to navigate and there are some wonderful designs.
The patterns featured on your site are fantastic! Really beautiful pieces of art.
Thank you for such good service. I received my patterns today.
WOW the work is beautiful. I can not wait to go back to the site and look at the other patterns. How absolutely magnificent. I want to start one right away. I have been stitching for years and have never seen such beautiful work.
Thank you so much for your website. I have been looking for a cross-stitch site that has patterns that are outstandingly beautiful. I have searched many sites and have found very few that meet the quality of patterns that your site represents!!
Your pieces are the type I love working on-difficult! Most of the patterns on the web are so over simple they don't have any interest.
Just wanted to let you know that the pattern arrived safe and sound on Monday. I'm very impressed with the way you have laid it out and the yardage chart for the DMC's is a great help too. VERY good lay-out, 10 out of 10.
The designs are BEAUTIFUL. This is true art!
Très joli site, très frais et agréable du début à la fin.
I ordered Splendid some months ago. I have been working at it and so far I must say it is somewhat difficult but the finish product is going to look fantastic!!!!!! I have done it on 28count evenweave and the outcome is going to be better than I had anticipated.
What beautiful patterns! Most of the patterns available are so *cheeeeezzzzzy*. I especially love the Asian art.
Beautiful patterns! My fingers are itching to be stitching!
Thank you! Have been searching the web for good quality charts, and it seems I have found them!
Finally, a web page for the serious stitcher.
This is one of the better cross stitch sites I have come across. The pics are gorgeous....most I've seen look bad and FAKE. Keep up the good work!
Love the patterns as I'm looking for a challenge in cross stitch now as finding the shop leaflets more and more boring.
I love what I see as I browse your patterns. It has given me the urge to take up my needle again!
I ordered the Heron in Snow chart from you last Friday. It arrived on Tuesday. Given that it was coming from Texas to the UK, this speed was astonishing. Mail within the UK can take longer to arrive, so I was delighted!!
Thank you for this opportunity! I am fond of cross stitching and I am particularly choosy in the designs because I like to display designs that I love and cherish very much!
Beautiful designs, that look a bit more challenging that the usual free ones that are just too twee.
I absolutely love your site! I can see what the finished design looks like! Most other sites I've visited show the original as the thumbnail, and I've not been impressed with the details or the finished product.
I am ready for a change from the run of the mill patterns.
Was so glad when I found this site, as this is the type of cross stitching that I love to do. I find the more challenging the picture the more I enjoy working on it. Thank you for these beautiful patterns on your site.
Gorgeous, detailed patterns!
I must say, I am eager to work on these patterns. I have grown quite tired of the down-home-country look of most cross stitch and am looking forward to creating something for my home which in real life has inspired people for generations. Simply put: thank you.
I love the Redoute roses. He is one of my favorite illustrators and your translation to stitch is excellent!
What lovely pictures.I love the vibrant colours.
Thanks for the beautiful pattern - it arrived today. I make tons of computer generated charts and this is one that I could never get quite right - you did a beautiful job.
Your patterns are absolutely breathtaking - I've never seen anything like them available before. I think I'm in love :)
Hi! My pattern has arrived and it looks wonderful....easily the most complex pattern I have ever worked. I think I will make it my big project for next year! When I finish, I will certainly send you a picture!!
You have the most wonderful charts and reasonable prices and so easy to order. I do hope it does not take long to process an order. I am very anxious to use one of your chars. You have a vast assortment. You have a wonderful site. I am sure I will visit often!!! Thanks for your effort at providing such a nice place to view and purchase charts.
I am THRILLED by this site, the quality is superb. Thank you so much.
Your site is one of the best sites in crossstitch I have come across. Keep up the great work.
I'm a new cross stitcher and just love your site. You make me want to stitch, stitch, stitch.
The most exquisite art form needlery found on the net!

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