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Floss Labels

Color Floss Labels

We've added color swatches to the floss labels!

Color floss labels

Custom sets of floss labels are available for each of our patterns. Each set contains exactly the labels you’ll need for that pattern: one label for each solid color used alone or in blends, and one label for each blended symbol. The label includes the symbol, the floss numbers, and color swatches. The labels are optional; each pattern includes all the information you’ll need to stitch it — the labels just help you get your floss set up quickly.

The labels measure 1" x 5/8" (2.54 cm x 1.59 cm). Just peel and stick. They can be folded over the top of a floss bobbin or attached to floss bags or other storage systems.

You can include a set of floss labels when you order a pattern simply by clicking the "Include floss labels" checkbox on the pattern page before you add the pattern to your shopping cart. If you already have the pattern and just need floss labels, click the "no pattern, just labels" radio button.

Note that some solid colors have a symbol; others are used only in blends and do not.

You can get floss labels in electronic form (PDF). Since the label sheets we use for printed floss labels are not commonly available, the electronic label sheets have lines to guide you in cutting them apart. You can either print them on plain paper and glue or tape them to your floss holders, or print them on whole page label sheets such as Avery 8165 (inkjet) or Avery 5265 (laser) or the equivalent.

We also offer sets of floss labels with color swatches for the full set of DMC colors. Click here to order.

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