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The simple life (power outage edition)
January 2nd, 2010

As I was lying in bed this morning thinking about getting up (it doesn’t do to rush into these things) there was a tremendous BOOM, as if Big Bird had flown into a window. I got up and asked MRA what that was? He said there was a flash associated with it so apparently a transformer had blown up. Sure enough, no electricity.

The first thing that occurred to me is that I can’t fill orders. Then I remembered that one had requested express shipping. Can’t email her to tell her the order won’t go out today — I could call her, if only I could get to her phone number which is only on the computer.

So what CAN I do? Here’s what I came up with.

  1. Dust, by hand.
  2. Pick up clutter.
  3. Read a book (near a window).
  4. Practice the violin (near a window).
  5. Mop the kitchen floor.
  6. Go for a walk.
  7. Do some yoga (what I can remember without the DVD).
  8. Make Happy-New-Year calls, if the cell phone is charged (unlikely).
  9. Play with the cats.

When I was in high school, we lived in a house with a well (and an electric pump), and when the power was out, there wasn’t any water, either. What a drag that was!

But obviously the power is back on now, so I’m back to filling orders. That alternative day sounded kind of nice…

One Response to “The simple life (power outage edition)”
  1. From Sharon
    10 years, 9 months ago

    We typically lose power every 6-9 months for at least a day, sometimes up to a week due to the overgrown trees in the neighborhood that Ameren UE doesn’t trim pro-actively. Anyway, we’ve developed a routine of getting the candles lit since my young kids play with the flashlights so there’s usually not a working one at the needed time. Then I get the cooler from the basement & load things from the refrigerator we can keep chilled (milk, cheese, jelly, etc.). I open the freezer once and empty the ice cubes into the cooler while taking out any ice cream. Then we enjoy an ice cream extravaganza by candle light. It’s become such a routine when the power goes out, instead of getting scared my youngest gets excited & yells ice cream time! Once it went out while we were carving pumpkins for Halloween so we pretended it put a spell on them to make them scarier.

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