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The Accolade - Edmund Blair-Leighton

Here are examples of this cross stitch pattern as stitched by customers. Click any picture for a closer look.

There are also many more pictures posted in our Facebook group. (You don't need a Facebook account to look.)
The Accolade - Edmund Blair-Leighton
Stitched by Alene Wistrand

February 19, 2022 “Been a while since I’ve picked up my cross stitch but just finished the right panel and feeling good.”

More pictures by Alene

Stitched by April Nairne

July 28, 2021 “I started this on our planned 3 month road trip touring the U.S.A & Canada in our RV along with hubby & our dog “Truman” after my 37 years in the nursing profession. Long story short- had a hemorrhagic stroke on the highway in Nebraska & was air lifted to ICU in Colorado. 2 weeks there & repatriated back to Canada. Started stitching again as part of my recovery therapy. I am much slower at it but have been working at it diligently since. Almost 1/2 done now.”

More pictures by April

Stitched by Christy Stanford

July 25, 2019 “Just finished The Accolade! I started it in June 2011, but worked on it in rotation with other projects so it took 24 months of stitching.”

More pictures by Christy

Stitched by Barb M., Olympia, Washington on 32-count sage green linen over 2

February 10, 2018 “I finally got my Crosstitch framed and hanging on the wall. I can't believe it's finished and I'm so happy with the results. I'm giving myself a little break but the next Crosstitch I want to do is Krahe.”

More pictures by Barb

Stitched by Vibeke Olason on 22-count white aida

December 17, 2013 “Finally finished an up on the wall. The frame has a deep red section inside the outer frame, as well as a red matting (between the inner brown one next to the image itself, and the top matting in a flesh tone). The colors are a bit more muted in the photo than in real life. It has been a real pleasure to work on this pattern, and I am well under way with my next project; The Crystal Ball. The plan is to give the two works similar frames to create a Guinevere/Morgana effect, or princess versus sorceress, if you will.”

More pictures by Vibeke

Stitched by Anonymous on 18-count ivory aida

March 24, 2010 “Approximately 10 months of work, I figure at least a year to go!”

Stitched by Sarah Howley, Noosaville, Australia on 16-count aida

March 20, 2010 “I've loved working on this row of pattern pages - the colour and the detail are just amazing. Not much more left to stitch now!”

More pictures by Sarah

Stitched by Sandra Hall, Phoenix, Arizona on 18-count white aida

“This was so rewarding to work on and it has come out beautifully.”

More pictures by Sandra


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