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Still Life of Flowers and Fruits I - Eugene-Adolphe Chevalier

Here are examples of this cross stitch pattern as stitched by customers. Click any picture for a closer look.

There are also many more pictures posted in our Facebook group. (You don't need a Facebook account to look.)
Still Life of Flowers and Fruits I - Eugene-Adolphe Chevalier
Stitched by John Thornton, Stowmarket, England

October 7, 2019

More pictures by John

Stitched by Blanca Ramos on 32-count linen

September 29, 2013 “Here is a photo of my latest cross stitch "Still life of flowers and fruits" by Eugene-Adolphe Chevalier, turned out so pretty, had a lot of fun working on that, took me 3 years and 4 months to finish it, it is now hanging in our Dining Room. I also wanted you to know that am very happy with your excellent and prompt service in supplying me with the charts. I have started a new chart ordered from you and will also share with you once it is finished.”

Stitched by Silvano, Garbagnate Milanese, Italy on 18-count white aida

October 4, 2010

Stitched by May Wah on 16-count aida

“Completed the Still Life of Fruits and Flowers on 29 Feb 2008 on 16 cts Aida material. Targetted it for completion within 12 months ....half the time 12hrs of stitching a day and am pleased target is achieved. Find my experience with this piece very challenging. Initially was very very slow and almost quit when I reached the basket. Then I introduce the usage of 100+ needles, get accustomed to the symbols, colour codes and combinations and speed my way through thereafter..Thank you for the challenge and the lovely design. Will continue to stitch the rest that I have bought from you.”

Stitched by Natalia Perfilieva, Russia on 18-count aida

“\"Still Life of Flowers and Fruits\" I & II took about 8-9 months each (could be faster but time was spent in facebook).”

Stitched by Carmencita S. Naron, San Antonio, Texas on 14-count aida

“I’ve been stitching for the past 11 years and this is the first one I’ve done using the SQ pattern. The stitched dimensions measure 30" X 36". It took me two long years to finish this project and it was all worth it because this now hangs in the new home of my son in San Antonio, Texas. I even added my signature and the year I completed the project. Come January, I’m starting my next big cross stitch project.”

More pictures by Carmencita


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