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A Young Hare - Albrecht Durer

Here are examples of this cross stitch pattern as stitched by customers. Click any picture for a closer look.
A Young Hare - Albrecht Durer
Stitched by Mel Messham, Nottingham, UK on 32-count Belfast linen

November 24, 2021 “It won Best in Show in the local village show this year.”

Stitched by Qihong Li

May 28, 2021 “Just completed one more piece.”

More pictures by Qihong

Stitched by Cheryl Wolfe

September 1, 2019 “My own Little Owl and The Young Hare. I loved doing them both. They look so nice in my livingroom.”

Stitched by Catherine, England on 18-count aida

April 30, 2019 “I've just completed my very first Scarlet Quince pattern and I'm absolutely thrilled with the result. I've only been stitching on and off for about 3 years and have just done a few small pieces and a couple of cushions before this pattern, so I was a little daunted by the look of the chart at first. However, when you released the SQStitch, I invested in a very cheap £20 little tablet, attached it to my stitching stand and off I went. It has taken me about 400 hours in total spread over 1 year. Sometimes stitching all day, sometimes not stitching for several months. Having said that I have thoroughly enjoyed every single stitch. SQStitch is fantastic. I have looked at patterns elsewhere but they honestly just don't compare to the level of detail that you capture at Scarlet Quince. So, my next project or rather projects will be Krahe and also The Bookworm. I'm planning to do both simultaneously! Do you think I've well and truly got the stitching bug? :-) Thank you for the hours and hours of pleasure I'm getting from my new hobby.”

Stitched by Liz Edwards, Rugby, England on 14-count

August 21, 2018 “The Hare 2015/2016 took 14 months, a gift for my mother and now has pride of place in her living room and inspired her to take an interest in Albrecht Durer’s work.”

Stitched by Irina Lapko, Hong Kong on 18-count aida

September 12, 2012 “ I cannot tell you how much I love your patterns!!! I've done two of your patterns so far and looking forward to starting working on my next. The Hare is one of my favorite watercolors. I'm actually fascinated by rabbits :) I have now the beautiful Durer's work embroidered to add to my old Pillivuyt rabbit terrines that I collect.”

More pictures by Irina

Stitched by Norma Schweiss, Louisville, Kentucky on 18-count Zweigart needlepoint canvas with 4 strands of floss

“Your patterns are fantastic. I stitched them in needlepoint on canvas. I am now on my third chart..."EASE" by William Michael Harnett. My first one was "A YOUNG HARE" by Albrecht Durer. I stitched it twice, first on 24 count canvas (congress cloth) and then on 18 count Zweigart canvas. The second chart was "JOB LOT CHEAP" by William Michael Harnett. I stitched it on 18 count canvas. Each chart was a joy to stitch.”

More pictures by Norma

Stitched by MJ Grady on 18-count white aida

“I had the hare framed very simply -- that seemed most in keeping. He has been a big success. My mother-in-law cried when she saw it. A saleswoman asked if it was a favorite pet. She couldn’t believe it when I told her it was needlework! (The gray smudgy places are reflections -- it’s under glass because it’s in my kitchen.)”

More pictures by MJ


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