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The Last Supper - Leonardo da Vinci

Here are examples of this cross stitch pattern as stitched by customers. Click any picture for a closer look.
The Last Supper - Leonardo da Vinci
Stitched by Jean Ann, Florida on 18-count

November 28, 2020 “This is the Last Supper on 18 count, 36×20. Took 5 years to complete, with a few breaks. I averaged 1 page per month.”

Stitched by Shannon Jacobson, Rigby, Idaho on 24-count linen

April 20, 2020 “I finished another page of Da Vinci's Last Supper. I can't wait to be done with the bottom, below the table. I saved the table and people for last so the light colors and faces would be bright and clear.”

More pictures by Shannon

Stitched by Joanna DeVry, Grants Pass, Oregon on 42-count over 2

March 7, 2020 “It was done in January but took a little time to frame, took 3 years! I am thrilled how it turned out! Now on to the next project! The frame shop had it in the window, with the word “PRICELESS” by it! Glad I finished it!”

Stitched by Randy Clement

January 30, 2020 “First panel of last super only 8 more to go.”


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