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Girl with a Pearl Earring - Johannes Vermeer

Here are examples of this cross stitch pattern as stitched by customers. Click any picture for a closer look.

There are also many more pictures posted in our Facebook group. (You don't need a Facebook account to look.)
Girl with a Pearl Earring - Johannes Vermeer
Stitched by Robin Taylor-Collins

June 1, 2021 “She’s done!! I can’t get a picture that really does her justice. I just love it!!”

More pictures by Robin

Stitched by Betsy Maddox Kerr

June 18, 2019 “Here's my latest fine art rendering, held by the person I did it for (because of the obvious resemblance). We saw the real painting at the High Museum in Atlanta.”

Stitched on 22-count aida

January 18, 2017 “I have sent a photo of the last pattern I bought from you and have just completed. I am looking forward to starting my new patterns.”

Stitched by Emily, Tucson, Arizona on 18-count aida

August 18, 2015 “I wanted to share my Girl With a Pearl Earring (with background). I've never been more proud to complete a project and will definitely be starting on another soon! Thanks so much for your beautiful patterns.”

Stitched by Anna, New Zealand on 18-count aida

January 20, 2012 “Here is what the project looks like now that it is framed. Not bad! It's a change for me not to have matting around the work, but in this case it works better without.”

More pictures by Anna

Stitched by Martha Lingrell, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada on 18-count aida

October 3, 2010

More pictures by Martha

Stitched by Crystal Huebner, Chilton, Wisconsin on 18-count white aida

“I must say I am pleased with myself.”


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