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Starry Night - Vincent Van Gogh

Here are examples of this cross stitch pattern as stitched by customers. Click any picture for a closer look.

There are also many more pictures posted in our Facebook group. (You don't need a Facebook account to look.)
Starry Night - Vincent Van Gogh
Stitched by Cindy Hody Schoenfelder

June 4, 2021 “Always fun to move the hoop so I could see the progress made! Only about 60% done.”

More pictures by Cindy

Stitched by Cathie Lynch on 16-count

November 25, 2020 “Starry Night...only 1/2 a page left to do! Yahoo!!”

More pictures by Cathie

Stitched by Amanda Nelson on 18-count aida

January 27, 2020 “Finally finished Starry Night! This took me 12 years off and on, mostly off, especially from the time my twins were born til they were about 4 years old.”

More pictures by Amanda

Stitched by Liz Edwards, Rugby, England

September 9, 2019 “Am thrilled to have finished my 3rd cross stitch and have already started on the next.”

Stitched on Off-white 16-count linen

December 25, 2016 “My husband has finished the Starry Night cross stitch. Here are the pictures. He is now working on The Night CafĂ©.”

More pictures by this stitcher

Stitched by Kathy Tabb, Interlochen, Michigan on 18-count medium gray aida

January 13, 2011 “22 months to complete Van Gogh's "Starry Night", working on it almost every day. And I enjoyed every minute. Am now doing Renoir's "Two Sisters" and really enjoying the brighter colors. I sort my threaded needles on those plastic stands that have the card and foam inserts. I stick your labels onto the cards (just the symbol part) and it makes it very easy to change needles without having to re-thread all the time. It was an investment buying several of the stands and dozens of needles but so worth it since my intention is to stitch several of your interpretations of the great artists. It's so nice to reproduce artwork that, for me, has meaning and brings back lots of memories of when I first saw these great paintings. Thank you so much for your renditions!

I used an 18 count Aida that is a medium gray, so as not to have noticeable show-through on the finished piece. Using 2-ply DMC threads on the 18 count, I had virtually no show-through tho. I knew that dark blue or black fabric would have been a real struggle with my old eyes. The Aida is easy to work with and since it wasn't going to show, it was the perfect choice for me.”


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