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Garden of Delight - John Henry Dearle

Here are examples of this cross stitch pattern as stitched by customers. Click any picture for a closer look.
Garden of Delight - John Henry Dearle
Stitched by Helga Middleditch

August 23, 2019 “The beginning of my Tree of Life (Garden of Delight). I worked out if I stitch 1 page per month it'll take me 3 years to complete. It's a real joy to stitch though.”

August 2, 2019 “Thought you might like to see my multi-year Scarlet Quince project - this is 5 years' work, but I have taken breaks to do other projects.”

Stitched by Rebecca Lever

April 11, 2019 “I completed this a couple of years ago after finding Scarlet Quince on-line. I was bored of small cross stitch projects that took a few months to create and wanted a larger project. This is beautiful and looks fab in my lounge.”

Stitched by Elena Ovchinnikova, Russia on Congress stramin 24-count canvas

January 21, 2018 “I am sending you half of my work. Name of chart is "Garden Of Delight". Fabric - Congress stramin 24 (Zweigart), stitch - a combination of half cross and needlepoint (petit).”

Stitched by Sarah Wilson on aida cloth

January 31, 2015 “Closeup -- back into my seventy year project - (3rd year, winter only) John Henry Dearle, Garden of Delight. I adore the pattern.”

More pictures by Sarah

Stitched by Jennie Kent, Cincinnati, Ohio on 22-count fabric

May 7, 2013 “I am currently working on "Garden of Delight" by Dearle. It is coming along nicely. The pictures are not the greatest but I thought you might want to see what a year's worth of work looks like. It is on 22 ct fabric.”

More pictures by Jennie


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