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Still Life Of Flowers In A Basket by an Alabaster Urn on a Marble Pedestal
Gerard Van Spaendonck

Here are examples of this cross stitch pattern as stitched by customers. Click any picture for a closer look.

There are also many more pictures posted in our Facebook group. (You don't need a Facebook account to look.)
Still Life Of Flowers In A Basket by an Alabaster Urn on a Marble Pedestal
Gerard Van Spaendonck
Stitched by Elzbieta Pawlikowska, Grudziadz, Poland on 18-count aida

April 30, 2022 “I bought the pattern on 27th July 2018 and finished it late last year.”

Stitched by Bella Sandro on 22-count evenweave

February 11, 2022 “I got a finish! Started it in January 2008, but I did it wrong, so I put it to the side and restarted it on November 2016. Worked on it on and off, but since the app, it went a lot faster, so I finally got it done January 2022. I used 22 count evenweave, and did half stitch. I love the frame and how the whole piece turned out.”

Stitched by Connie Guenther

May 1, 2021 “2 years of pleasure!! Finally finished and framed!”

Stitched by Evangelina Grim

January 25, 2021

Stitched by Kenneth Foard, Apopka, Florida on 22-count aida

May 7, 2020 “Finished and on the wall! I also made the lamp. It started life as a window in my pharmacy 45 years ago. It was broken during a break in so I made the lamp as a keepsake.”

More pictures by Kenneth

Stitched by Irina Lapko, Florida on 18-count canvas, 4-ply DMC, half cross stitch

February 26, 2020 “Here is my process of stitching still life of flowers in a basket by an alabaster urn. I’m doing it in half cross stitch in 4 ply dmc on 18 count canvas. I’m really enjoying stitching this beautiful painting. Your patterns are the best!”

Stitched by John Thornton, Stowmarket, England

October 7, 2019

Stitched by C. Pryer, Quebec, Canada

February 15, 2018 “I've discovered a stitch counting technique using your SQ program that might be helpful to other stitchers. I work from right to left, a block at a time. I work a stitch under the 10th bottom stitch. Having the 10th stitch from the previous row helps me easily find the count for the next 10x10 has really helped me.”

Stitched by Liubina

September 27, 2015 “I made this a few years ago.”

Stitched by Colleen Montagu

March 26, 2015 “Just sharing the latest effort from my wonderful mother (Colleen Montagu)”

Stitched by Dianne Clarke, Drysdale, Victoria, Australia on 16-count canvas with 4 strands, gobelin stitch

September 27, 2014 “My mum (age 79) purchased a pattern from you back in 2010. She is now 79 and finished the project yesterday. Her tapestry is amazing, I am so excited she has finished it. She generally worked on the project for about 3-4 hours each night for four years, with a few breaks to work on many many other projects. Since finishing mum has been busy sorting her threads and purchasing more for the next project from Scarlet Quince which is another massive undertaking - a painting with a peacock beside purple wisteria. ”

More pictures by Dianne

Stitched by Michael Pope on 18-count canvas with 4 strands, gobelin stitch

December 25, 2010 “Embroidered on 18-count canvas with 4 threads in gobelin stitch. Really enjoyed embroidering this design. Did the work for 16 months embroidering 1-2 hours a day. Many thanks to developers.”

More pictures by Michael

Stitched by Preda Rodica on 18-count aida

September 10, 2010 “Here is the completed gobelin that I bought from you . It took 8 months of work every day (10 - 12 hours of stitching) but it was worth it .”

More pictures by Preda

Stitched by Michael Zane on 18-count aida

“Here is the project I am currently working on. Once again thank you and keep up the great work.”

Stitched by Natalia Perfilieva, Russia on 18-count ecru aida

“It took seven months to complete the picture. Today I start a new one (which we order from you) "Summer" by GIUSEPPE ARCIMBOLDI.”


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