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Cross Stitch Patterns
Cross Stitch Patterns
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The Tower of Babel - Pieter Bruegel

Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

A king overseeing construction of the Tower of Babel on the plain of Shinar. After Noah's Flood, all people on earth spoke one language, and decided to build a great tower whose top would reach heaven. Displeased with their pride, God confused their language so they could not understand each other, and scattered them all over the earth. (Northern Renaissance, 1563)
Counted cross stitch chart booklet (floss and fabric not included -- see what is included)
361 x 267 stitches  ■  120 colors (DMC floss)  ■  About 20" x 15" or 51 x 38 cm (on 18-count)

Scarlet Quince cross stitch chart: The Tower of Babel - Pieter Bruegel
Watermarks are not part of the pattern or stitched results

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