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George Brettingham Sowerby
Tropical Harp and Conch Shells
A print of various tropical sea shells
John Speed
A map of Caermarden (Carmarthen, Wales) town and shire dating from 1611
Carl Spitzweg
The Bookworm
An elderly gentleman in clothes of a bygone era standing on top of a step ladder in order to access the top shelves of the Metaphysics section of a dusty library. He is intently studying one book, holds a second, has a third under his elbow, and grips a fourth between his knees. Light coming from a window in the ceiling illuminates his books but leaves the lower shelves murky. (1850)
Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen
Two cats sitting together against a red-orange wall. The black cat, shown in profile and sitting up is gazing calmly into the distance. The calico is crouched down and glaring around at us. (Art Nouveau, 1910)
Chat Noir
A poster announcing a tour by the performers of the famous Parisienne nightclub Chat Noir (Black Cat). The Cat Noir operated from 1881 to 1897 in the bohemian Montmartre district and was patronized by many famous artists. The text means roughly "Coming soon -- the very illustrious troupe of the Black Cat with its famous shadow plays, poetry readings, and songs, with Rodolphe Salis". The background is not stitched; use ecru fabric. (1896)
Chat au Clair de Lune
A cat sitting on the branch of a gnarled leafless tree under a full moon. The moonlight fills the entire landscape with a ghostly light. (Art Nouveau, 1900)
Alfred Stevens
A Femme a la Poupee Japonaise
Two ladies examine a Japanese doll in a room filled with Oriental curios
Marianne Stokes
Ehret die Frauen
A medieval-style tapestry inspired by and illustrating a verse by Schiller praising the feminine virtues. The Gothic lettering at the top says
Ehret die frauen sie flechten und weben
himmlische rosen ins irdische leben

Honor to the women, they braid and weave
heavenly roses into earthly life.
From left to right, the figures represent Protection (Schutz) - a woman in armor; Nurture (Pflege) - a mother giving a bowl of milk to a wild little boy wearing only a skin; Love (Liebe) - a mother nestling a baby in her arms; Wisdom (Wissen) - a woman holding a lantern and a hornbook up to a child in a hooded cloak; and Fidelity (Treue) - a woman in chain mail. The background is rose vines and other flowers on blue with a border of laurel leaves. (1912)
Madonna and Child
A placid mother in a gold bodice with red and blue robe holds her baby against a background of arching briars and flower heads.
Robert Street
Village in Winter
A hobo resting on a stump watches children playing in the snow on the common at the outskirts of an early American village
Bernardo Strozzi
A Personification of Fame
An angel in a red bodice and yellow skirt holds a shawm and a trumpet
John Melhuish Strudwick
The Gentle Music of a Bygone Day
Three young ladies in the dress of the early middle ages. One sits on a carved marble block with a couple of books at her side, playing a kind of lute, while another seated on a low platform holds a book of music for her. A third listens, holding a psaltery in her lap. She is sitting on the bench of an ornately decorated pipe organ. (Pre-Raphaelite, 1878)
George Stubbs
Mares and Foals Beneath Large Oak Trees
Black, chestnut, and white horses standing in the shade under huge oak trees
A portrait of the famous horse Whistlejacket, the star racehorse of his day. The plain background and absence of people focusses all the attention on the horse himself, and has led to speculation that the painting is unfinished, but Stubbs specialized in painting horses and all indications are that he intended the portrait to glorify Whistlejacket without other distractions. The portrait shows the horse rearing, his mane and tail flying, capturing his personality as well as his physical beauty. (1762)
A Grey Stallion in a Landscape
A beautiful dapple-gray horse standing alertly next to a large tree, with green hills seen vaguely in the background. His neck is arched and his ears pricked, and he seems poised to dash away at any moment. (1765)
Ringwood, a Brocklesby Foxhound
A portrait of a black, tan, and white foxhound in a dark landscape. On the right, at the base of a tree, is a foxglove plant. (1792)
Thomas Sully
The Torn Hat
A young boy in a torn straw hat and a green jacket
Annie Louise Swynnerton
The Sense of Sight
An angel with blue wings and a peach gown gazes rapturously upward (also known as "The Sense of Light")
Abbott Handerson Thayer
A young female angel, in a Greek tunic, with arms outstretched
Winged Figure
An angel, seated amid the clouds, rests against her wing with her eyes closed and her hand on her breast. She wears a simple light brown tunic, and her dark hair is knotted behind her neck. (1899)
Stevenson Memorial
An angel in a white gown seated on a rock. She is clasping one knee in her hands and seems to be deep in thought. This is the artist's tribute to Robert Louis Stevenson. The letters VAEA on the rock refer to the mountaintop in Samoa where he was buried. There is a firework in the background. (1903)
Louis Comfort Tiffany
View of Oyster Bay
A stained-glass window depicting wisteria vines gracefully draped on a trellis. Through the flowers is a serene bay with low hills sloping up from the calm water. A rosy sunset sky completes the scene. (Art Nouveau, 1908)
Magnolia and Irises
A stained glass window showing a view of distant hills with the sun low in the sky. The sky is filled with yellow, pink, and blue clouds. A river flows through the hills into a lake. On the near shore are two white-flowered magnolia trees and many clumps of purple irises. (Art Noveau, 1908)
James-Jacques-Joseph Tissot
The Bunch of Lilacs
A lady in an elegantly ruffled ice-blue dress carrying a pitcher holding a large bunch of lilacs. She glances back over her shoulder at something we don't see in the steamy conservatory filled with large tropical plants and palms. She is reflected in the highly polished dark marble inlaid floor. (About 1875)
Type of Beauty
A young Victorian lady who is a "type" or example of beauty. Her light brown curls peep out from under her brown hat trimmed and lined with orange and she is wrapped in an orange lace-trimmed cape. She seems to be daydreaming as she rests against a white fur wrap and holds a fan. In the background are orange and yellow nasturtiums. (about 1875-1882)
The Ball
A young woman dressed in a yellow taffetta ball gown with an elaborately ruffled train enters a ball room on the arm of an elderly gentleman. She is wearing a hat which matches her dress and carrying a large ruffled fan of the same material. The room is already crowded and she seems to be glancing around eagerly in anticipation. (About 1885)
A young girl walking with a book under her arm in an elegant Victorian autumn costume. She is all in black, wearing a black jacket with a fur collar over her black ruffled skirt, and with a black hat trimmed with black feathers or fur. She contrasts beautifully with her background, a magnolia tree whose leaves have mostly turned golden yellow and are covering the ground underfoot. (1877)

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