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Lady with Unicorn: Sense of Hearing

Here are examples of this cross stitch pattern as stitched by customers. Click any picture for a closer look.

There are also many more pictures posted in our Facebook group. (You don't need a Facebook account to look.)
Lady with Unicorn: Sense of Hearing
Stitched by Karen Garst, Silverton, Oregon

January 13, 2022 “Well I finished it. 8 1/2 years.”

More pictures by Karen

Stitched by Rhondda Morrow

March 8, 2021 “My set up today. Trying standing so my back doesn't feel like it has kinks in it after a few hours! Using whatever I could get my hands on to raise the frame to my height! I have just over 19,500 stitches done. 7.5%!!! Using the improved SQ Stitch!”

Stitched by Patricia Szot, Auburn, Washington on 28-count lugana

March 14, 2013 “I finished the project on March 3, 2013 and it took me 2.5 years. I had it framed by Betsy at Vintage Antiques and Custom Picture Framing in my home town of Auburn WA. I just love the job she did.”

More pictures by Patricia

Stitched on 16-count aida

April 27, 2009 “I am doing the larger version of Sense of Hearing and attached is a photo of where I was at last year. I have now advanced a little further, about 1/2 way. I have been working on it for 2-1/2 years. HOWEVER I am finishing work for good at end of June and really looking forward to motoring on with this. I love working on it but this x-st is not for the faint-hearted. All the colours are blended and each night I blend the colours that I have used in order that I can start x-st when I next pick it up. And all this is for my daughter who is into all things medieval!”

Stitched by Pamela Holmes, Adelaide, Australia on 18-count aida with 2 strands of floss

“It is about time I sent you my latest picture. I am still plodding along with "lady" and I will finish it. I got slowed down during the last year as I became a grandmother for the first time and took some time out to stitch something for my granddaughter’s bedroom wall. I’m back to it now though and have now nearly completed the empty part you see in the bottom right corner. I just love it when I can start a new page of the pattern. ”

More pictures by Pamela

Stitched by Susan Brauner on 16-count aida with 2 strands of floss

“This is the final picture of my progress, the finished and framed Lady and the Unicorn piece which took me about a year and a half to stitch. I loved every moment and look forward to stitching another pattern from Scarlet Quince.”

More pictures by Susan

Stitched by Mitsuko, Bussum, the Netherlands on 16-count aida

“This is the result of a week of passionate stitching by a newby. And as you still can see, I have used basting threads to make 'grids' . I left them in the fabric, as I worked on, which -I know now- was totally WRONG, so now I am pulling them out, as I get to them! Naturally I will have to remove every trace of those -green- basting threads, but I will have to think of a good and safe way to do this, so I leave it for the moment! I saw the original 'Sense of hearing' (together with the other 'tapisseries' of this series), years ago at the Cluny Museum in Paris and I was very much touched by its exquisite beauty and its mystery. Copying this work of Art enables me to "experience" every little detail in a unique way!”


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