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Tutorial: Removing Kinks from Floss

If you wind your floss onto bobbins, you'll sometimes find that when you get down to the last layer, the floss has acquired a lot of sharp kinks. What this means is that the floss has been crushed in those spots, and isn't as full as it originally was. But you can fix this!
Removing kinks: What you need
1. You'll need a thimble and a self-stick velcro dot.
Removing kinks: Put velcro on thimble
2. Stitck the soft side of the velcro dot to the thimble. You won't use the hook side. (If you don't have a thimble, or don't have a thimble you want to do this to, you could also use a cosmetic sponge in place of the thimble and velcro.)
Removing kinks: dampen velcro
3. Dampen the velcro (or sponge). It should not be wet, just moist.
Removing kinks: pull floss along velcro
4. Pull the floss between your thumb and the velcro (or folded sponge). You can do this for the whole 6 strands when you first cut them, or one strand at a time as needed. Be sure the floss is completely dry before you begin stitching with it.

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