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Tutorial: Thread-Under Anchor

Anchoring at the Beginning or End of Stitching

Most of the time, you will anchor your floss at the end of a set of stitches by running the needle under existing stitches. (Therefore, when you are making the very first stitch in a piece, it's a good idea to start with a color that has at least a few stitches, not just one. If you must anchor a single, isolated stitch, see the pinhead stitch tutorials.) You can also use this type of anchor when you start to stitch with a new color.

Here's how to do it.
Thread-under anchor: start
1. When you have finished a set of stitches, the back will look something like this.
Thread-under anchor: simple anchor
2. Run the needle under a few adjacent stitches, then cut off the extra floss. (You are not restricted to the stitches you just completed.) This is the simple form of this anchor.
Thread-under anchor: start a loop
3. For extra security, make a loop partway through the row of stitches. This is particularly helpful when you are using this anchor at the beginning of stitching. Run the floss under two or three stitches, then bring the needle out.
Thread-under anchor: finish the loop
4. Bring the needle around the stitch where you exited the row of stitches, then run it under a few more stitches.
Thread-under anchor: pull floss through
5. After you have pulled the floss through, the anchor with a loop looks like this.

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