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Tutorial: Basic Knot

It's recommended that you not use a plain knot as an anchor for your floss. There are other anchors that are more secure and don't make a lump like a knot does. However, sometimes you do need to tie a knot in the end of the floss. Here's how.
Basic knot: wrap floss
1.Begin by wrapping the floss one full turn around your index finger. Hold it in place with the tip of your thumb.
Basic knot: roll floss
2. Use your thumb to roll the floss toward the tip of your index finger. The floss wraps around itself to form a loop.
Basic knot: take ends of loop
3. Remove the loop from your finger and grasp the floss end and the longer side near the loop. It should look something like this. It may help to lightly pinch one side of the loop between a thumb and index finger to stabilize it.
Basic knot: pull tight
4. Pull the ends to tighten the loop and form the knot.

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