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Tutorial: Floss Color to Symbol Cross-Reference

The Floss Color to Symbol Cross-Reference is a chart feature found only in Scarlet Quince patterns. Here's how to interpret and use it.
Floss cross-reference: example key
1.To understand the floss cross-reference, let's look at a simple chart that has only 6 symbols. Here is its key. This is what you follow when stitching. For example, when you see a solid circle on the chart, you stitch it with 2 strands of 504. When you see a carat (^) you stitch with 1 strand each of 504 and white.
Floss cross-reference: example cross-reference
2. The cross-reference for this chart looks like this. Where the key tells you what color(s) are associated with each symbol, the cross-reference tells you what symbols use each floss color. It's essentially the key turned inside out.

This cross-reference tells you that 501 is used only when stitching the solid square. 504, on the other hand, is used in stitching 3 symbols, the solid circle, the carat, and the 3 diagonal dots. If you refer back to the key, you'll see that this is true.
How is this useful? Well, suppose you have a lap full of floss bobbins and want to put away the ones you're finished with for a while. You can pick up a bobbin -- say, 502 -- then look at the cross-reference and see whether 502 is used in any symbols you're coming to. No? then you can put it away. Or suppose you are almost out of a color. Rather than searching the Key to see what symbols need that color, you can just look it up in the cross-reference and find out whether you need to go shopping right now or if it can wait. It's easy to scan a short key like this and quickly find all the places a floss color is used, but for a normal pattern with many symbols, the cross-reference saves time and errors.

Remember, though, you don't have to use the cross-reference if it doesn't help you. Just use the key to interpret the chart, and ignore the cross-reference if you wish.

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