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Tutorial: Pinhead Stitch on Linen or Evenweave

Anchoring at the End of Stitching

You can end your stitching as well as begin it with a pinhead stitch. For ending, the pinhead stitch is worked in a vertical orientation instead of horizontal. This allows an isolated stitch to be anchored at beginning and end with a pinhead stitch. Here's how to end stitching with a pinhead stitch as anchor on linen or evenweave fabric (stitching over 2). See Pinhead Stitch on Linen for a tutorial on starting with a pinhead stitch (it's different from the ending stitch).
Pinhead stitch: end stitching diagram
1. Follow this diagram for finishing with a pinhead stitch when stitching over 2 threads. This assumes you make crosses by coming up at 1, down at 2, up at 3, and down at 4. A, B, and C are the points where the pinhead stitch will be worked. The following steps refer to these locations.

If you want to end the cross somewhere other than the top left corner, rotate this diagram so that 4 is where you want to end the cross.
Pinhead stitch: first stitch
2. After completing the last cross, begin the pinhead stitch by coming up at A and going down at B, under the crossed strands.
Pinhead stitch: second stitch
3. Continue by coming up at C and down again at B under the cross, and to the right of the previous stitch.
Pinhead stitch: pull second stitch tight
4. Pull the needle so that the stitch tightens. Snip off the tail on the underside.

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