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Tutorial: Stitching Part of a Pattern

Have you ever wanted to stitch just part of a pattern but weren't sure how to pinpoint the section of the chart you wanted? Here's how to do it with Scarlet Quince patterns. We will use Maxfield Parrish's Ecstasy for our example.
Picture with grid
1. Go to the "fixed scale view" of the pattern you want to use. To get there, type Ecstasy or PAR002 in the search box. Click on the thumbnail picture in the search results, then click again on the larger picture when it comes up. Now you are on the fixed scale view page. Turn on the grid for either regular print or large print, whichever you have. Make sure the grid and page break colors contrast well with the picture, then print it out. (If the grid prints but not the picture, make sure you have background printing turned on.)
Picture masked
2. Use sheets of paper or cardboard to block out the sections you don't want to stitch. Move the paper around until you like the view you have. Make sure you have pleasing proportions and have included everything that's important. We've kept a little of the lake showing in the bottom right to make it clear that the girl is standing in a high place. (Try to have the boundaries be on page breaks or grid lines. This makes marking the pattern easier.)
Picture marked
3. Mark the printed page layout along the edges of the sheets of paper, then you can remove them.
Marked pattern
4. Finally, go through the pattern page by page, referring to your marked-up page layout. Draw a big X through any page that will not be stitched at all. For pages that are partially stitched, mark the boundaries on the pattern page, then draw lines through the part that is not stitched, as shown, left.

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