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Europe from space
Sunday, September 13th, 2009

I’ve been surprised by how popular the “Earth from Space” pattern is.  I was less surprised that, almost as soon as it was available, I got an email from someone asking when there would be an “Earth from Space” pattern showing her part of the world — which turned out to be England.  She said she didn’t mind if it was off in a corner as long as it was there.  But as far as I’ve been able to find, the other daytime images of earth from space are centered on Saudi Arabia and mostly show a lot of Africa.  If you use your imagination a bit, England IS there, but it just didn’t seem very satisfactory.  So I was pleased to find a really beautiful (I think) image of earth at night centering on Europe.  It has an edge of Canada, northern Africa, the middle east, India, most of Russia, and some of China.  I don’t think you can see Australia — sorry, guys.  The large sandy and icy areas are a deep blue and the shape of the continents is picked out in lights.  This pattern will be released soon.

I thought it might be a nice pair with the other one but I had to make it larger than the first one to get the lights to show up well.  If this one turns out to be popular as well, I may make a larger version of the other so that there are two with the earth the same size.

You just never know.  I am from John Glenn’s hometown (although I usually think of it the other way around) but I have just never been that interested in the whole space shot thing.  I know people who feel that they can never miss a one (going back 40+ years) but somehow after the first few I felt that they were all awfully … similar.  I do really enjoy the pictures of other planets and galaxies and so on.  It’s a beautiful universe!

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