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Something in black and white
June 11th, 2008

I still don’t know if I have succeeded in reaching the M. C. Escher people. I sent another fax asking them to email me about whether they got the first fax or not (and if I am reaching someone other than the Escher company, to email me anyway). So far, nothing. But in the mean time, I remembered this old thing, “All is Vanity” and thought it would be a good test for a black-and-white chart.
All is Vanity
I used to see it often at flea markets and antique shops. It’s a lady looking at herself in the mirror but the overall effect is of a skull. It must have been very popular at one time but I’m not sure whether people took it as a moral comment on vanity or if they thought it was funny.

The artist drew it in 1892 when he was 19, and went on to have a fine career as an illustrator but this is his most famous work. How sad to peak at 19, or for people to think you did!

One Response to “Something in black and white”
  1. From Alanna
    12 years, 3 months ago

    I know how you feel about the MC Escher crowd. I’ve also tried emialing them many times about a licence for one of their images (for ym website). The first time I got an instant reply from some lady but since them absolutely nothing from anyone. Have they all died?

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